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LANDSLIDE RECORDS 40TH ANNNIVERSARY/various: The label that started out as sort of a goof to record some local Atlanta malcontents that went on to record Derek Trucks, Tinsley Ellis, Paul McCandless and a host of others that took them away from their original agenda now gets the chance to strut it's stuff for lasting 4 decades. A fatly tracked twofer that recaps all the key tracks a tourist would need, this is a real protogenitor of modern Southern roots music that never took it's eye off the ball.
A solid collection from a gang that grew to be ore than regional heroes.
(Landslide 1049)

LEE HEERSPINK/Monsters' Impromptu: A solo jazz guitar debut 20 years in the making, Heerspink reminds us that Michigan has produced some jazz heavy hitters along the way and he looks to be the next link in that chain. Adding his own special sauce to the funky side of fusion with a jam bad edge, he's a fine showman that knows how to grab the ear and capture attention by coloring outside the lines when needed. A sure bet of the adventurous listener that's not afraid to go beyond meat and potatoes.

ROOTS OF CREATION/Dub Free or Die Vol. 1: What happens when hippies with a budget go skanking? This! Dub goes MOR? Taking the pomo esthetic to new extremes, this sounds like an expanded take on Les Baxter's exotica with spliffs. More suited to rec rooms than opium dens, this might just be a mighty soundtrack for getting high to stuff you raid from mom's medicine cabinet. Nu wild.
(Roc 13)

JACOB SHULMAN/Connectedness: The sax man leads a crew of like minded New York improvers through a set informed by Sonny, Pharaoh and Coltrane all fused into new horizons and not really interested in seeing how far off the rails they can skronk. With music only using a part of his modern, computercentric brain, Shulman really believes the old hippie dictates about unity and puts it into play here in a sincere way. These jazzbos follow their own muse nicely and never dare you to cut through the fog in order to like them. Solid innovation that works well.
(Endectomorph 12)

BETH McKENNA/Beyond Here: The latest in a new line of saxy ladies is already an established award winner and a devotee of Paul Winter with a tone reminiscent of his and a world view that falls in line with his hippie visions. A solid leader/player/composer, McKay doesn't just play, she designs her music to take you on a journey and she's a most able tour guide. A solid set that won't let you down.

SUSANA BACA/Palabras Urgentes: At 76, we find Peru's multifaceted national treasure making protest music with Snarky Puppy. Gringos won't really know what she's upset about, even if the passion is unmistakable, but she is not going gently into that good night---that's for sure. World beat fans know she's a trusted entity and the net result for most of us is that once again, she won't let you down.
(Real World)

LOUIS & DAN & THE INVISIBLE BAND/Smorgasbord: A pair of smart ass college professors that act like they didn't let their educations go to their heads (but are really way too clever than you see at face value) check in with a set for kids of all ages that doesn't leave a contemporary stone unturned along the way. So far outside the realm of normal kiddie stuff you can almost see mom and her boyfriend getting high to this when dad has the kids for the weekend. Gleefully wacky stuff that finally gives the kids a Zappa of their own.

BOBALOWS/Flatlands: Southern party rockers with a slight 70s west coast affectation are here for the party. Fist pumping, beer drinking mainstream rock that hit's the target.

WHITEY SOMERS/Call of the Blues: The Canadian guitar slinging vet and mainstay takes it real after hours here where you can feel the blue lights burning in the basement. With a lifetime of pumping it out behind him, he can take you down any back alley and find the gold hidden away. Tasty stuff that feels almost like an autobiography, this is deep and wild stuff that works. Hot stuff.
(Motorhome 400)

CHARLIE BARATH/Just Me & My Friend(s): A one man omnibus o f indigenous roots styles, Barath is a one man show (even if he has a bunch of helpers) that takes you from field hollers to modern times (and their retro aspects. Having been bored when exposed to some of this stuff when a youngster, he takes steps to make sure he doesn't do that to you. A set that's hard to pin down, you certainly won't be bored as the genres hop around your head. A real work out.

Volume 45/Number 340
October 11, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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