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CHRIS STANDRING/Wonderful World: The protean, award winning jazz guitarist takes a subtle left turn with some top call pals like Brecker and Dr. Um to serve up a classy, Sinatra era type record from when Frank was pairing with Jobim to take American rec rooms somewhere else. A most tasty tour de force, this sets the standard for standards albums to come. First call throughout.
(Ultimate Vibe 13)

PETER TIJERINA/Just Yesterday: A hard blowing post bopper, Tijerina shows the lessons he learned in school (studying under sideman Michael Dease) and the lessons he learned as he earned while he learned with top jazzbos letting his sax just fly. A tasty set that's a valentine to any jazzbo with jaded ears hoping for young blood to come along with some new blood and just plain blow things up. Right in the pocket throughout.
(Outside In 2133)

SARAH WILSON/Kaleidoscope: A jazzbo at heart that's not afraid to let her influences from various genres and modes creep into her trumpet, Wilson shows the vast difference between being artistic and being an art chick. While she digs avant garde and improv, there's no blowing here just for the sake of blowing as every note has purpose and moves the composition along. A real sitting down jazz extravaganza with some top cats in tow as a bonus.
(Brass Tonic)

DENNIS MITCHELLTREE/Never Mind the Circus: A long standing sax trio that sounds like it's taking a cue or two from Sonny Rollins here, they know how to blow and get the job done. With a non musical ear cocked at how the world has become a joke and a half, the attitude swirls around the music giving you a subtle message that it's time to lighten up and look at things differently. Just the musical shake up the times demand.
(Dengor 200206)

TRANSONICS/Tides: Hey, hippies, 80s nostalgia is here. This South Carolina crew's idea of beach music is rooted in 80s new wave and they do some genre splicing but keep things right down the middle. Who needs mall parking lot fest when you've got a new take on the real deal here and now? Certainly as much fun as they set out to make it.
(Sonic Soiree)

PAUL KAPLAN/We Shall Stay Here: 50 years in and only his 5th album? You probably never heard of this award winning folkie but he rubs elbows with and is admired by the folk greats? The greatest folk music satirist since George Winston write "Plastic Jesus"? This Seeger sound alike divides this set into three chapters that show why some people would get hostile when Kingston Trio was called prime movers of the folk music scare. Like anything else gone commercial, there was a lot of folk music that sucked but this cat is the standard bearer of the stuff that doesn't suck. An exquisite record for whatever they are calling hootenannies these days, this hidden treasure is a must for anyone that didn't find hanging out on their back porch for the last year a hardship. Well done.
(Old Coat 3)

MALCOLM HOLCOMBE/Tricks of the Trade: Lucky for us those blighters at Proper know how to take our own music and sell it back to us. To call this Nashville cat a white boy with the blues is to over simplify things so much that you just shouldn't open your mouth. An underground act that's creating a mainstream all his own, Holcombe is perfect example of how an acquired taste act can move to guilty pleasure and ultimately to necessity. Leading with a growl somewhere between Tom Waits and John Prine, Holcombe delivers one knockout punch after another that you find yourself not able to get enough of. Hot stuff.
(Need to Know)

DIANE DELIN/Chicago Standard Time: Using pandemic down time to clean her closets, jazz violinist Delin found these unreleased 30 year old tapes that were probably made as a demo of sorts (that's why it's ep sized?) in the company of a Chicago jazz A team back in that day. Recorded at Studio Media with Benj Kanters at the wheel (as long as we're bringing up blasts from the past) the quality here is much more than a demo. A real pro of long standing, it's good to hear that she can compete with her younger self. Nice straight up jazz for straight up ears.
(Blujazz 3498)

MARTIN SCHERZINGER/Scherzinger Etudes: With pianists Bobby Mitchell and Tom Rosenkranz on board to interpret his works, deconstructionist Scherzinger takes classics, turns them inside out as he stands them on their heads and delivers something new and different out of the familiar with the results often being playful. Is it jazz?, new age?, instrumental?, classical? It's fun, so really, who cares? Stick this into the stack of your fave tight ass long hair and see if you can give him an aneurism---just for fun. And check it out.
(New Focus 295)

SARAH PARTRIDGE/Beautiful Minds: Once an art chick, always an art chick, even when trying to change things up. Vocalist Partridge pays tribute to extraordinary women on this well woke set, but other than Hedy Lamarr, you've never heard of any of them because they all made their marks in STEM fields. Look, it had to be done and the jazzbos in tow hold up their end. A good chance to show your girl friend that you get it.
(Tiger Turn 1001)

Volume 45/Number 252
July 10, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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