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MIKE CLARK & MICHAEL ZILBER/Mike Drop: There's a lot of daddio going on here as the long time funky drummer and the hard blowing sax man get together with some pals to document their long standing friendship and rollicking vibes. Whether bringing old show music into the fold or kicking it out on originals, your ears are kept at attention throughout as these bad boys really tear it up. Smoking throughout.
(Sunnyside 1623)

ALTOIZM: Who would have thought that deep in the Chicago suburbs three soloists would come together to kick out a Christlieb/Marsh worthy blowing date with swing and action that really gets you going. Doing their own tunes, they show they know how to deliver as well as work and play well with others. The kind of bold and brassy stuff that brings you around in the first place, this ad hoc trio is on the money throughout.

KEITH LOFTUS/Original State: A muscular sax player back with his first set in a decade makes his presence known quickly. A swinging acoustic date, he shows his leader's chops well on this mostly original set. Full of vigor and landing with full force, this is a cat that's here to play and doesn't care who finds out. Well done.
(Long Tong 2)

BAYLOR PROJECT/Generations: Sounds like the good side of woke and inclusion. The duo behind this funky, soulful date planned it's release around Juneteenth and Black Music Month because amid the funk is a message as well. Taking it to church as well, they may only be a duo but they certainly function like a hydra. Perhaps the first time you don't need Western Union to send a message, on top of everything else, the 60s are alive and well and the times are finally a-changing. Hot stuff you have to experience.
(Be A Light 2)

SAM BLAKESLEE & Wistful Thinking/Long Middle: The bone man and his pals serve up a sweet chamber jazz flavored set that is loaded with gorgeous, dreamy playing that hits the wistful thinking tag on the head. A superb listening date, this crew are masters of the intimate, small group sound. Check it out.
(Outside In 2126)

ALEX MARTIN/Folk Songs, Jazz Journeys: An acoustic guitarist that comes by his world music leanings naturally and organically, he's in that bag of killer acoustic guitarists that follow the dictates of Occam's Razor to great ends. If names like Liebert, Rollins et al are household names for you, this is a cat you are going to add to that list. Smashing!
(Pajarito Verde 3)

KAYLE BRECHER/Bredux Collected Edges: Is this gal making fun of me? She leads off this set with a Fred Neil tune and turns it inside out for a real art chick experience. Leading with a good voice, she firmly takes hold of all her art chick tendencies and serves them up front and center for malcontents everywhere. A title totally at home resting in left field.
(Penchant Four 105)

2B3/Jimi: A B3 organ trio of pals that have been playing together for 20 years finally get together to explore how Hendrix would sound burning down a B3. Most of the greatest hits are here and since most Hendrix fans are such completists, this is a journey the hard core will be more than up for.

ACUTE INFLECTIONS/400: Can a vocal/bass duo do justice to Markey's legacy 40 years after his passing. Actually this sounds more like black leotard daddio basement club music than skanking but they bring the kind of passion that makes you pay attention. A reggae confection that diverts with it's home grown edges, real Marley fans will have the penchant for tuning in here.

MAX HIGHSTEIN/Tiptoes: This new agy jazzbo rounds up a bunch of pals you've heard and heard of and plays a sprightly set of originals that sound like what would happen if classic Disney scores were made by Paul Winter and some lubricants. Easy going stuff that never degenerates into mush, Highstein's studio sounds like it must really be one helluva creative workshop. Well done.
(Desert Heart)

SCHWALM & REUTER/Aufbruch: Electro acoustic avant garde composing and playing by a pair that have the form and format down pat, easily picking up where Eno left off because you want it darker. Ambient sonics that surely light the torches on the walls of Goth hallways.
(Rare Noise 129)

TRINEICE ROBINSON/All or Nothing: Normally you reach this point a little later in life than 40, but Robinson has reached the point in time where she can do what she wants. What she want is to hang with a bunch of first call jazzbos and be a diva kicking it out on classics and originals with equal style and verve. Another item to cross off her bucket list. With the right sass and style to be a first class jazz vocalist, this later in life debut hits all the right notes throughout.
(4RM 2021)

Volume 45/Number 245
July 3, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL. 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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