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RICARDO SILVEIRA/Solo: They say if you season the food, it insults the chef. There's something like that going on here. After all these years, the amazing Brazilian jazz/world guitarist steps out on his own, courtesy of the pandemic, and struts his stuff with no embellishment and no embellishment needed. Not sounding like ECM or Windham Hill or Takoma, this date exists purely in it's own time zone and real guitar fans will be smitten by it's dexterous simplicity. Tasty throughout, this is the result of chops that have been cooking over a slow flame for a long time. Hot.

CONTRAPTIONISTS/Working Man's Dread: Nu kids generate nu sounds as this folk/grunge opus takes wing and brings the kids along for a nu ride on old rails. Squarely placing folk/rock in the realm of the beats generation, the torch is moving along.

GREG ABATE/Magic Dance: Using two discs to celebrate the music of Kenny Barron, with Barron along for the ride, Abate brings daddio to the rec room with neither side showing any the worse for wear. High octane stuff that's right in the pocket, any sane jaqzzbo will delight this being the real deal. Great playing powers this set like a runaway train.
(Whaling City Sound 126)

PATRICIA ARAUZO/Szymanowski: The world class pianist uses her platform and passion to veer wildly off the beaten path and celebrate a Polish composer who knocked down some fences in his day, which was the early 20th Century. Not your typical recital program, she approaches his works from several angles, all of them require sharp focus and concentration. A tasty discovery and find, this is a mighty ear opener on many levels.
(Ibs 42021)

PAULA CORONAS/Femmes d'Espagne: The good doctor takes us on a tour of a movement from the early 20th Century, not a tour of sisterhood being powerful. Playing with the touch of a master, this well decorated soloist is up for the challenge of any type of work and is more than skilled at delivering. A piano date almost anyone can like for it's pure playing, you don't even have to be so much as a classical music tourist to enjoy it and get the most out of it. A wonderful time piece with no dust on it, this is the kind of stuff that burnishes legends.
(Ibs 22021)

GENERACION CORTAZAR/Musique des Lumieres: The comic inspired cover art almost has you thinking the classical label has broken stride here, but this is a set by a contemporary orchestra playing works by modern composers---and you might not know all that if we didn't tell you. A classical record loaded with the grace they used in impart in the 50s, this is the work of 4 friends that don't back stab each other and endeavor to move the ball down the field for the greater good. A certified winner of a set for when you want to feel like a grown up and have sophistication dripping off you.
(Ibs 202020)

Volume 45/Number 156
April 5, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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