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REVEREND FREAKCHILD/Supramundane Blues: The righteous Rev now brings his jam blues to church for real as he rocks and swings his way through a set card of spiritually driven numbers. Reining in some of his more Wildman Fischer type moments this time around, he's still as outré as it gets for jam bands and brings some sacrilege to the holy rolling. A double disc of religion as you've never heard it before, that's for sure.
(Treated & Released 13)

BLUES SOCIETY OF CENTRAL PA/Backyard Blues: A bunch of white people from central Pennsylvania like together for weekly jams. The pandemic scotched that. Didn't mean they couldn't get together on wax thought and let the good times roll far and wide beyond. This gang of gangs is loaded with cats that aren't ashamed of their whiteness and play the blues, of all kinds, like they really mean it. They make music for parties and step up to own it. Fun stuff with a good attitude that could easily be the blues gateway for ears yet unclaimed.
(Blue Heart)

BLIND RACCOON NOLA BLUE COLLECTION V. 3/various: C'mon, admit your age. If you remember the old Warner Bros Samplers, this twofer cornucopia of contemporary blues is the next best thing to come along since those disappeared. Loaded with label clients and award winners or nominees, this is the hottest thing out there since Alligator was the only game in town. Produced and stacked for maximum impact, this will open your ears to the best of the real deal out there these days. Feast my friends!
(Blue Heart 9)

DIEGO BALIARDO/Este Ritmo: The co-founder of Gipsy Kings comes back with his new group, Gypsy Evolution, and he doesn't stray far from his original vibe. As the biggest group to ever come out of France, there's no need to tinker with the formula other than add some fresh songs and sprinkle in updated chops where needed. Right in the pocket and sure bet for anyone that's missed the Kings, he still adds the caliente to any backyard gathering. Hot stuff done right.

BOB MALONE/Good People: No stranger to shining in the background for the last several decades, Malone grabs some spotlight with a sort of philosophical release on the state of the world and the people in it. No stranger to being part of anthemic rock for several generations of players, he's not stuck in any groove or genre and illuminates how he was a secret weapon for a lot of stuff you liked. He can still wow audiences whether alone of ensemble.
(Delta Moon 10)

ART OF TIME ENSEMBLE/Ain't Got Long: Cinematic and impressionistic music that doesn't hide behind artistic pretensions keeping it real and up front throughout. The sounds are densely layered, the guest list plentiful and the chops always intriguing. A vastly different kind of listening experience, you can call this a sure bet for when there's nothing new on Netflix that floats your boat.
(Art 3)

DEXTER ALLEN/Keep Moving On: From Bobby Rush to Eric Clapton, this Mississippi guitar man knows to how shine that light and dazzle. Keeping the blues real but keeping it contemporary, Allen goes his own way here and doesn't disappoint. Drinking the same water Robert Johnson drank, there must be something the springs there that is a tonic. Hot stuff that works throughout.
(Endless Blues)

BOB BRADSHAW/Ghost Light: With his background as a journalist, Bradshaw has the ability to write personal songs that are coming from a point of creativity and not psychotherapy. Inhabiting his characters for a few minutes and them moving on, Bradshaw capably creates a cinematic world from a folkie base where the eclecticism works in it's favor as opposed to against. A must for anyone that's a fan of meaty songwriting that says something.

113 COMPOSERS COLLECTIVE/Resistance/Resonance: Duo Gelland gets to work over 6 pieces from the collective that were written for two violins. Don't come here looking for a typical chamber recital. Some nice leading edge avant garde work is on tap and the vet duo knows how to get inside the music and make the most of their two voices as they assail against and into the future. A fine passel of ars gratia artis, it's so left leaning that dopers could almost adopt this as some new head music now that tea is getting more and more legal.
(New Focus 291)

JOHN HASSELBACK III/Entrance: A newly minted music grad didn't let his education go to his head as he plays like he learned his stuff in the streets. A trumpet man that has his daddio head on straight, this debut has the feel of something that might have been left behind in Van Gelder's studio stashed behind a bookcase or something. A fine blowing date with everyone on board giving it their all, it shows he must have graduated with honors. Well done.
(Hasselcastle 1001)

Volume 45/Number 154
April 3, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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