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JUAN CARLOS QUINTERO/Caminando: Part of that class of killer acoustic world jazz guitarists that were all over the west coast two or more decades ago, Quintero dusts off his back pages by re-titling and reissuing his 1997 date "The Way Home". With the benefit of 20/20 hindsight, it's easy to see why that material was so captivating back then. Hearing it now, it just confirms how timeless the playing was/is. Ripe for discovery or rediscovery, no matter how you look at it, this set is a gasser.

ERIC GOLETZ/Into the Night: Like the guilty pleasure behind a good greasy burger, this bone man serves up some good greasy funk with rock and jazz underpinnings that keep the grease front and center and the fusion in the background. With a dose of bounce for your butt that makes this healthier than a greasy burger (and less of a guilty pleasure), it puts the funk in funk and fills the air with smoking vibes. Well done.
(CAP 1069)

LAUREN WHITE/Ever Since the World Ended: Borrowing a few of Tierney Sutton's close co-horts, White checks in with a sassy, bouncy set that would have you thinking she's a starving artist trying hard as opposed to a Hollywood soundstage mainstay that's got it going on. A bright performance throughout, White hits all the right notes squarely making this a wonderful tour de force on chestnuts that deserved a new roasting. Hot stuff for jazz vocal fans.
(Café Pacific 5020)

JOSEPH HOWELL QUARTET/Live in Japan: A trio of Japan's young locals team up with the ace clarinetist for a program of Miles and Duke where they all play it like to the manner born. Eclectic and energetic, this date is loaded with verve and swing and actually takes you to some new places on this tasty journey thorough the past. Solid work well navigated by the ex-navy man in the lead.
(Summit 776)

HENNESSY SIX/Road Less Traveled: The trumpet playing sidekick of Wynton Marsalis is now running his own mentoring program leading a crew that already has built up impressive resumes. Tending toward the art side of impressionistic jazz, this instrumentalists are all heavy hitters just waiting their chance to shine on their own. Kicking it out on originals that have their own sturdy legs, this is one impressive showcase throughout.
(Summit 773)

DAN ROSE/Last Night: A jazz guitarist very much in the Pat Martino/Wes mode kicks it out solo on a bunch of classic oldies that you never really get tired of when trotted out in the right hands. A tasty low key, after hours kind of date that only needs some ciggy smoke hanging in the air to be perfectly rounded out. Well done.
(Ride Symbol 26)

DAN ROSE-CLAUDINE FRANCOIS/New Leaves: A pair of jazzbos that have clearly made decisions to put art first throughout their careers team up for a guitar/piano duet that must have been made in music heaven. Covering Steve Swallow and Carla Bley in separate tracks, their cred as solid jazzbos is assured. With 50 years of chops on display, there's no quarter here for wrong moves---and none are made. This is the kind of playing you love to hear.
(Ride Symbol 33)

NOAH HAIDU/Slowly-Song for Keith Jarrett: A birthday present for Jarrett who turns 75 the day after this is released, forced into retirement by two strokes, this is a fine tribute to his playing. With Buster Williams and Billy Hart bringing their 50 years of telepathy to the session, Haidu rolls a host of emotions into one and serves up a set that shows he could start a Jarrett legacy band today and never be slagged for it. Right in the pocket throughout, this is music that lives beyond all boundaries.
(Sunnyside 159)

NATSUKI TAMURA-SATOKO FUJII/Keshin: Recording her third album this year at home with her husband, Fujii is still the queen of the avant garde, but for her, this is her friendliest album in quite a span of her discography. A dramatic, almost linear work, you could be forgiven for thinking this is a lost loft jazz session from New York wild men. Sheets of sound anyone?
(Libra 102064)

Volume 45/Number 139
March 19, 2021
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2021 Midwest Record

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