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ROCK AND ROLL OVER/various: East Nashville might be trendier than it was a generation ago but it's still a ground zero for malcontents and a bunch of them sidetracked by the pandemic decided to wear their freak flags on their sleeves by making a set of new material about their dogs and turning over the profits to animal charities. Sometimes things that happen off the clock have surprisingly fun results. Betcha dog lovers never thought a set like this would come about from country stars of tomorrow.
(Moosylvania Rafters)

HALLEY SHIPP BISIO BAKER/Shape of Things: Hell raising sax man Rich Halley opted for something new last year and headed out to Brooklyn to mix it up with Matthew Shipp and his pals. This set continues that trajectory but it's anything but more of the same. Hitting that skronk like a local native, Halley and company take this to church basements heretofore uncharted. Improv jazz that isn't satisfied until it's sure it's taken you as far as you can go, the average egghead might be warned not to try this at home and leave the listening to the skilled professionals in the field. Really out there without being really out there.
(Pine Eagle 13)

ANNA CLYNE/Mythologies: Clyne started out heavily relying on electronics for budgetary reasons and has grown into a leading traditionalist in modern classical music. A collection of world premiere recordings and specially commissioned works, the composer knocks it out of the park with a set that has an old school feeling (in terms of budget and presentation) combined with the forward thinking impulses of the masters. This is the kind of recording that used to make your grand pa stand up and conduct in front of the mirror. A real wining performance that jump starts the blood flow.
(Avie 2434)

PHILLIP SCOTT POLI/One Sky: Vet Canadian folkie makes his long overdue first solo record with a rolling country/folk vibe to it. Recorded in covid circumstances informed by remote recording or observations close to home, this is no mush mouthed cash in effort. It's certainly a set of music for the times but it would all be appropriate at anytime since it covers associated feeling in universal fashion. Mixing a geezer's perspective with a youngster's optimism, folkie fans will know right away this is the real deal.

TAMURA FUJII LOPEZ/Mantle: A debut record by this trio of hell raisers, they fuse their skills and strengths into a jazz/avant garde set that is right up the egghead alley. You can't even decide if this is a trumpet trio, a piano trio or a drum trio, and in the end it doesn't even matter. Deep stuff for deep listening.
(Not Two 1003)

Volume 45/Number 9
November 9, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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