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PAUL BOGART/Won't Have Far to Go: If this is a sign the backlash is kicking in, bring it on. Another spin through town for new traditionalists, this cowboy's nostalgia only seems to go back as far as George Strait, but that's ok, isn't it? Real country like the kind commenters on You Tube keep saying they want to hear, betcha everyone from Ian Tyson to Garth Brooks could/would put a stamp of approval on this disc.
Well done.

TOM KEENLYSIDE QUARTET/Fortune Teller: For those of you that feel flute juice is under served in your jazz punch, this cat and his crew bring just the right touch to the mix. A cat that plays with cojones, he proves flute doesn't have to be just for coloration. The familiar stuff is a tonic but the originals you never heard before fit right in. Solid work.

HONEY MADE/Brand New: Funk from Austin with Steve Berlin at the wheel adds up to a formula for fun. Quite a bag breaker that tosses any preconceived notions you might have into the weeds, these party people are here for the good times. Fun funk for all ages that you don't have to be a hipster to get, this is one of those party platters that demands being turned up to 11. Hot stuff.

KEVIN SUN/(Un)seaworthy: A youngish sonic explorer that studied the left field giants well serves up the kind of thing that gives you echoes of Roland Kirk and fellow travelers along that line. Making jazz safe for eggheads, you can only listen to this if you go into it expecting the unexpected by a trio that doesn't believe in boundaries. A wild ride throughout, this is the church basement at it's hippest.
(Endectomorph 9)

SAMUEL LEIPOLD/Viscosity: A progressive guitarist, a palette of effects and a rebellion against the covid lockdown...what to do think this all adds up to? Avoiding clichés like, well, the plague, he's riding the ambient tip and showing a direct lineage to ambient masters like Eno even if riding a different ax. A wildly dandy trip through the underground without making extra stops through hell.
(QFTF 182)

MARGIE SINGLETON/Never Mind: Every so often an old broad like a Wanda Jackson will resurface just to air things out and let us know she's still got it. Singleton now joins that pack. A hit maker whose work goes back 7 decades, the spry 85 year old shows us there's something in the Louisiana water that keeps you going. Still a hard hitting country woman that didn't need to be the next female Elvis, you don't get any more dyed in the wool country than this.
(Aintquittin 2020)

MISS EMILY/Live at the Isabel: If this belting gal has a case of big fish in a small ponditis, she won't have it for long. After having mopped the floor with the competition at this year's Canadian blues awards, this collection of live tracks from sold out shows in Kingston, Canada just begs you to knock the chip off her shoulder and see what happens. A soulful white gal with the blues that could make you forget Janis, the dues have been paid and it's time for her to really cash in. Hot stuff.

ANDY COHEN/Tryin' to Get Home: This Jewish kid with the blues sounds like something you might have heard in the college coffeehouse back when the earth was cooling and him and Rory Block were both precocious. Jumping on his acoustic guitar and taking you back down home, he covers all the bases from Charlie Patton to Dave Van Ronk and all that's missing is the sound of bombs dropping in Viet Nam to really take you back to the day. An old timey master, this is as unvarnished and unpretentious as you can get. A solid load of fun stuff for anyone not too cool for school.
(Earwig 4976)

ANDY COHEN/Small but Mighty: The old timey bluesman makes a kids record like none you ever heard before. Very close in spirit to ones Pete Seeger made a million years ago, he's road tested this material on his kids and grand kids over the years and you can be sure that tough audience told him which end was up. Treating the kids as equals, his originals fit right in with the authentic old timey stuff and your kids will never be the same one they wrap their heads around this hidden gem.
(Earwig 4977)

TIM MORSE/Archaeology Project 2005-2020: Even modern prog is getting a little gray around the temples if this recent vintage cat is looking back at 15 years already. Right in the pocket for all Floyd, Yes et al fans, he's got all the twists and turns that righteous prog has on board. A solid bet for genre fans that need to get up to date.

Volume 45/Number 7
November 7, 2020
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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