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ROD PICOTT/Tell the Truth & Shame the Devil: A health scare forces this roots cat to strip it down and keep it real singing about those inner feeling that we all can relate to. A real folkie tour de force that might not be fare for a summer backyard bbq but is sure to hit home in those quiet times. Solid stuff, plain, simple and direct that hit's the target each time out.
(Welding Rod)

SHARMAN DURAN/Questioning Reality: This certain bop in Duran's voice makes her seem/sound like a later day Blossom Dearie, equally looking at things from a left of center perspective and not sweeping things under the rug. A jazzy spirited vocalist that writes them as well as sings them, she's deeply in tune with left field sensibilities and addresses them full force.

DOVER QUARTET/Curtis Sessions: Essentially being classical tourists, we hear a lot of chamber/small group work that we find impressive. This newish group that's been knocking them dead all over the world and playing with/for everyone from Emmanuel Ax to David Lynch is a first class show stopper. Powered by an impressive range of chops that make them sound bigger and bolder than what is at the core, check this out and keep it in your back pocket for when you want to impress someone with how worldly your taste in classical music is---especially how discerning it is when dealing with the modern stuff. Hot.

ROSANA ECKERT/Sailing Home: The jazz vocalist with eclectic influences comes back to the studio after nearly a decade away and comes out with a set that seems more eclectic than past efforts. Sweetly voiced, this Lab Band grad brings her roots to a left of center samba hybrid and enchants throughout. A delightfully high tone record that anyone can enjoy.
(OA2 22168)

DIESEL PARK WEST/Let It Melt: Anthemic arena rock direct from the era that birthed it by geezers that were there back in the day and still have the piss and vinegar they didn't use up in those rock wars. They might be kicking things off for a new label but they play like no time has passed and they've always been in the groove.
(Palo Santo 17)

Volume 43/Number 237
June 15, 2019
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2019 Midwest Record

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