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CATINA DeLUNA/Brazilian Project: Tierney Sutton is one that should know and she nicely nails this project in her liner notes hailing it as something that's different but not for the sake of being different. Trodding some well worn Brazilian turf, DeLuna adds that special sauce that makes it her own, all the more impressive making this an auspicious debut. Taking you down back alleys rather than staying on the beaten path, DeLuna's vision and chops bring Brazilian music to a new starting point. Tasty stuff world beat ears are sure to champion.

TOM WAITS/Round Midnight: We can pretty much agree that Waits' career has several distinct periods, but for some of us, his Asylum period, when he was a hipster crooner/finger popping daddio, was his mightiest. This radio concert, with just his voice and piano on display, recorded right after his live classic "Nighthawks at the Diner", is a great distillation of his early years. Running purely on instinct and adrenaline, Waits hadn't yet started hanging out with Bette Midler and Crystal Gayle but nobody could channel Lord Buckley like he could. Rounded out with some cuts from a dozen years later when he appeared on David Letterman kicking off a new phase of his career, any one who cut their musical teeth on classic Tom Waits will enjoy this non-record date that'll really hit you between the eyes with how it felt to see Waits in a 200 seat club when he was exposing raw nerves. Check it out.

TAWNY ELLIS/Ghosts of the Low Country: It'll take you a minute to put your finger on it because happened so long ago but Ellis has the vibe and spirit of prime Lucinda Williams/Gurf Morlix collaborations running through this ep of southern gothic roots music. From originals to covers, Ellis puts her own stamp on the proceedings mingling the familiar with the new for a gumbo that really satisfies. As tasty as it can get in an ep format, this session recorded at Muscle Shoals really packs all the classic vibe from those walls into this date you can handle. Check it out, she's a winner.

HANNAH BURGE/Green River Sessions: You just don't pass up a chance to hear a Hendrik Meurkins date, even if he's only hanging around for two tracks. This Canadian vocalist has wide ranging interests that almost make her seem like an art chick at times but her skills keep things from rolling off the rails no matter where in the world she decides to take you with her soaring vocals and world wise chops. Covering a lot of jazz and world territory, Burge is a hot new find that's really going to serve the armchair traveler well. Check it out.

BARRY ALTSCHUL'S 3DOM FACTOR/Tales of the Unforeseen: Spontaneous jazz imrov from three generations of hell raisers that love the freedom the Euro's give them in letting their freak flags fly. Uniting Altschul again with Jon Irabagon and Joe Fonda, the drum/sax/bass trio takes it back to New York lofts and church basements for that civil rights jazz sound. Wild stuff for people that appreciate it untamed.

Volume 38/Number 301
August 27, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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