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LUNAR ELECTRIC: And for your next TBT, here's some hair sounding metal that brings the 80s along in tow. Bombast, moves, positioning, shredding. It's all here for the taking.

TRAVIS & GREENBERGER/Bocce & Bourbon-The Comfortable Songs of: The eclectic cat that hasn't been pinned down over the last 40 years rounds up a collection of tracks from somewhat recent vintage recordings along with new and unreleased stuff. An incredibly casual collection, Travis isn't shaking any more, he's just having a good time making some of the most solid adult pop around no matter which one of his guises or interests he's wearing. Music for the rest of us that keep thinking we've been left behind, for sure. Check it out.

GEORGE USHER-LISA BURNS/Last Day of Winter: The forthright and forefront jangling guitars that kick this set off let you know this is folk rock singer songwriter land unfolding before your ears. With very smart lyrics that come from the heart and don't always keep on the sunny side of life, this is meaty listening for any boomer that misses all the groups that tried to be Byrds prior to them finding sweethearts at the rodeo. Not atavistic or recidivist, it's just good stuff that hit's the mark.

JAY STOLLMAN/Room for One More: A real growler of a blues vocalist, if this cat has a trust fund helping him find his way through the blues, we certainly won't hold it against him since it's clear he put his ‘free' time to good use. With more soul than a white boy should have and an appreciation for R&B that goes beyond the basics, Stollman kicks it all in fine style. Stuff like this keeps roadhouses in business for more than just the weekends. Check it out.

MATT PANAYIDES/Conduits: The jazz guitar man with 15 smoking years under his belt of knowing his way around daddio jazz took it to the streets to let the fans have their say via Kickstarter so he could have his say in the studio. This is one of those times when the pairing works royally because it sounds like Panayides went out of his way not to let anybody down. The Wes comparisons are inevitable, but this cat stands on his own two feet. Well done.

ANDRA FAYE & SCOTT BALLANTINE/Coulda Woulda Shoulda: This duo shows that it doesn't take too much to have more than enough. Faye, a long time uppity woman, now puts her mandolin and smoking, steamy vocals front and center in this white blues duo where she partners with a guitar man that really knows how to string along. That's it just to two of them giving it their all. A tasty set with smart originals leading the set card, these two must have spent their fair share of time in campus coffeehouses (ahem) a few years ago (or more) because this captures the vibe of that time so well (except for there not being any crack heads back then---but Memphis Minnie would have written about it if they had it in her time). A winner throughout left leaning adult ears will get immediately.

Volume 38/Number 267
July 25, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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