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CHICO TRUJILLO/Reina de Todas Las Fiestas: This party band's roots are firmly in Chile but the average gringo will find a pan Latino vibe powering this percussive party on a platter. The perfect soundtrack for your next summer backyard party where you want to bring the heat from the feel of the streets, you and your neighbors will think this is some stuff from Nawlins on steroid stuffed hot peppers. You might not know what they are singing about but the groove, vibe and octane are nothing less than a pure gasser. Certainly a load of high times for hot times. Check it out.

TIFFANY AUSTIN/Nothing But Soul: A lawyer who'd rather emulate her fave singing lawyer, Hoagy Carmichael, this program is top heavy in well worn Carmichael classics that have probably never been heard like this. A jazz singer bringing lite soul to the proceedings, this is a dandy re-imagining of the classics that just feels so natural that you can't help but thinking it's a winner throughout. With a feel from the singer and her players that would feel perfectly at home in your fave jazz club, this is wonderful listening for adults and those that want to be. Check it out.

JOANNA SCHNEIDER QUARTET/Pridetime: So when is an art chick not an art chick? Back In the 70s, professors in writer's programs kept reminding their charges they couldn't write if they didn't read. This jazz thrush writes her own but she isn't afraid to mix Van Morrison, Abbey Lincoln, Bill Evans and others next to her own tunes fearlessly letting them stand up to some serious competition. Then there's the singing aspect. Scat on "Moondance"? This gal isn't afraid to color outside the lines while retaining a sense of making it work. A singing jazz baby for a nu generation, she manages to keep a foot in the old and new generations without losing her balance. Hot stuff.

THOMAS RUCKERT TRIO/Parvaneh: In which we find the jazz piano trio as chamber outfit, this piano man isn't afraid to use white space. As used here, it lets you glide across the tunes, filling in the blanks yourself letting you comprehend as fast or as slow as you wish. Impressionistic music in the hands of a master, this set is blissfully free of any of the clichés that could easily run rampant yielding an incredibly personal set that everyone can bring their own listening vision to. It might just be too subtle to recognize what a classic it on the first few passes, but classic it is. Well done.

DIETER GLAWISCHNIG/Winged by Distance: Kicking off a series that celebrates Euro jazz legends, this cat who was born in the 30s and is thrilled to still be around shows where a good deal of the ECM ethos sprang from. Impressionistic but certainly with a decidedly pre-ECM bent, the trio on board here sound like they were the inspiration for all those jazz cats in the 60s deciding to become ex-patriots so they felt they could play their sound to greater appreciation. The kind of stuff improv fans can dig, this left of center set doesn't sound like it's coming from a cat in this 80s.

SAM TRAPCHAK/Land Grab: It's been a few years since a bunch of us mavens took notice of this bass player from the hinterlands and predicted good things for him. It might have been a few years, but he hasn't abandoned us prognosticators and has rewarded us accordingly. Now slugging it out in the big apple, Trapchak has found a sweet spot where fusion and Brooklyn progressive meet up in the 2010s. While left of center, it's still in most listeners comfort zone and he opens the ears nicely with his set of all originals that give the fusaholic some solid new stuff to enjoy. We told you before, open your ears in his direction, it'll be worth it.

RAYFORD GRIFFIN/Reflections of Brownie: So how cool is this? Clifford Brown's drumming nephew revisits and updates his uncle's legacy attracting a raft of stars and superstars to the date to tip the hat as well for the inspiration Brownie gave them---before he left us almost 60 years ago. With music that still sounds fresh three generations later, it shows his work was even more luminescent that was previously thought outside the cadre. A killer date that is powered by passion and love and is flawless throughout. A jazzbo must.

Volume 38/Number 214
June 2, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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