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DAN BRUBECK QUARTET/Live from the Cellar: For over 40 years, the Brubeck kids have done a fine job of stepping out from a long shadow and doing fine work in the family business. With Dan stepping out for his debut as a leader on this set honoring the music of his parents, the skein is kept in tact with yet another win by an apple that didn't fall far from the tree. While a drummer rather than a piano man, Dan's love shines through on this set of tunes that weren't as well known in the Brubeck pere canon. A double disc set of pure goodness, if these songs aren't known to you, it's a wonderful way to keep the Brubeck legacy alive by checking them out. Great playing through out by a cat that certainly has jazz on his DNA. And for those that don't like to take chances, you can always wrap things up here as the crew ‘Take(s) Five‘. Well done throughout.

LOS CREMA PARAISO/De Pelicula!: A trio of Venezuelan hitters team up to make something to the left of Friends of Dean Martinez that merges psych with lounge with jazz with everything else. A head trip that delivers an amphetamine rush more often than not, this is fusion for the future as it all comes together in a flashpoint on the distant horizon. Welcome to lounge music for the next generation.

BUDDY RICH/Birdland: Time? The late 70s. Rich had long since stopped worrying about the economics of keeping a big band on the road, the way Beatles killed the market for jazz and everything else other than going out and tearing it up. With his big band comprised of cats about to go off and make names for themselves in fusion, the band and the audience are having a great time here. All the material is previously unreleased and this is certainly the live album that should have been. Must hearing from a long gone old friend to jazz ears that'll be glad time and tide let him reach across the great divide one more time. Hot stuff throughout.

JARED GOLD/Metropolitan Rhythm: This B3 ace continues to be the backbone of the label as he delivers his 8th for them without a false note in the bunch yet. With Dave Stryker's guitar backing him up, Gold continues to show he can do no wrong no matter how far a field he let's his organ wander. Easy going, fun to hear stuff that just doesn't wear out it's welcome. Check it out.

KANAKU Y EL TIGRE/Quema Quema Quema: Oy, millenials, how are you going to play this at your straight job work stations during the day? Wandering beatnik Peruvians bring electronics to their daddio rooms for a wild, tribal mash up that the young and disaffected will love. As nutty as this stuff is, it's being used as a soundtrack for commercials for Omega watches so it's proof the middle ground isn't what it once was. You might as well fire up a chronic to really keep the party going in your head once this starts spinning.

SUSIE GLAZE & the Hilonesome Band: After years of being an indisputable big fish in a small band, Glaze sets her gaze on something more by enlisting former Dillard Herb Pedersen as producer who brought along his old pal, Chris Hillman, formerly of the Hillmen, to add his finishing touches. Proof that sometimes you need those finely honed chops to lend a helping hand and there's nothing wrong with asking for their help. Proof also that just because some cats have their AARP card, they aren't ready to be put to pasture. Cooking up one helluva Americana/Celtic gumbo this is a killer roots album that sets a new standard for the whole genre. A superstar in waiting, Glaze accepts the challenge to bring it and does an undisputed job of same. This is the kind of set that brings new fans into the tent. Killer stuff.

OLEG FRISH/Duets With My American Idols: If you've got that Drew Friedman/Irwin Chusid post modern, skewed sense of humor, this record is right own your alley. A New York character sets up and album of schmaltz with his fave vocalists. It's a credible album but it's so wacky in it's execution that the only real audience for this has probably all died. The Plan B audience will freak at the duets here both in content and personality. This is the vanity record everyone that's ever sung into a hairbrush in their bathroom mirror has wanted to make. Dig in kitsch fans.

VIDEO BEAST/Gooch: For the looks of their cover art, I think they meant to call this Gimp rather than Gooch as it looks more like ‘Pulp Fiction' than ‘Diff'rent Strokes'. Hey, it ain't my nickel. If you'd like to point your nickel towards a psych/post punk band that likes to thrash things out, this might be the place.

Volume 38/Number 172
April 21, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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