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RYAN TRUESDELL PRESENTS GIL EVANS PROJECT/Lines of Color: Truesdell shows he's not one to be trifled with as he won a Grammy with his debut set of unheard Evans arrangements and he tops himself on this second outing. With loads of New York jazz hitters on board, this set mixes being smooth as glass with carrying loads of heart and soul sure to not only keeps Evans' memory alive but expand his reputation as well. Killer playing throughout makes this a real oner of a set for all involved---until at least they go for the gold again. Great jazz is waiting here for appreciative ears.

BOB GINGERY/Traveler: A fellow traveler of the Hot Cup crew, this bass man started out on sax as a kid but hearing how Jimmy Jammerson got the ladies revved up led him to switch axes. The result on his leader's debut here is a solid sitting down jazz set that pushes the left leaning envelope but never takes it to the point of rolling off the rails. Almost like summer jazz for late night denizens, this is a nice ear opener by a new cat with something to say musically. Check it out.

GREG SHIRLEY/Raised on the Run: He doesn't sound like Waylon but Shirley does a great job of capturing that redneck rock/outlaw sound and he fills it with heavy heart lyrics appropriate to the sound. Common clay/salt of the earth stuff that shows that just because Wal-Mart and urban sprawl are capturing the country side, it hasn't torn the heart out of it all no matter how hard it tries. Hard core and killer all the way.

JON SPEAR BAND/Old Soul: Fess up Spear, you've got a thing for Dave Mason, we can hear the echoes of Traffic and the 70s solo years. Fun stuff that doesn't ask you to do anything fun enjoy the flow and the vibe, this vet blues rocker has the chops and flying time to have entertaining you down cold---and he does just that. Easy rolling stuff for mellow times when some easy rock with a little bite is called for, this is a classic bar band that was probably there when it was all going on. Well done.

JAMES DAY & THE FISH FRY/Southland: Transplanted gulf coast natives, this blues rock Americana bunch sound like they have been responsible for selling gallons of beer as countless outdoor music fests. Well traveled with loads of influences they've soaked up along the way mixed into their sound, this is flat out adult, suburban party music that makes you forget about your underwater mortgage and your kid in rehab. A dandy mix of all the Blues Brothers inspired sounds any late period boomer enjoyed in the frat house before John Hughes became the provider of the soundtrack of their lives, if you like to party where you find it, this rollicking set is a good place to take a peek. Well done.

DOUG WEBB/Tripl3 Play: Another serving of that Bluenote inspired blowing date that Posi-Tone has mastered doing so well, we find Webb bringing in two other sax leaders and Brian Charette on organ to just plain knock it out of the park. A modern sax colossus date, no self respecting daddio from any era can turn their nose up and their ears away when these grooves are in the air. Killer stuff that sounds and feels so good.

DAVID AKE/Lake Effect: A sitting down, thinking man's jazzbo, Ake's piano moves to even more sensitive places on this outing as he dives into the impressionistic end of the pool. Showing how ECM changed his life enough to have him move to Germany for a while to get closer to the Keith Jarrett vibe, Ake is certainly the cat Jarrett has to lookout for. Like Jarrett he can veer for one end to the other in the blink of an eye without missing a beat. Arty jazz can survive the future even without arts council money!

NEIGHBORHOOD BULLYS/Callin' All Rockers: Here's a crew of dyed in the wool rockers that aren't into pretense or fashion---just kicking out the jams teen style. Almost like the grown up kids of The Dictators, this bunch realizes if they pull it in a bit, they don't have to be marginalized like, say, The Dictators, and can become the sound of the suburbs. Refreshingly original, this is how it was when you had raging hormones and no place to release them. Hot stuff that's a gasser for kids of all ages.

SPUYTEN DUYVIL/The Social Music Hour Vol. 1: The funny thing here is you really have to be a folk fan of a certain age to appreciate how funny this set is. Problematically, if you are that age, you'll probably approach this as a moldy fig and be pissed off with the industrial versions of Bob Gibson, Peter Paul & Mary etc. What to do? Play this for the cute chick with the Goth/stream punk look as you buy her a round of drinks and let the evening go where it will. Folk music for contemporary folks, you've got the have an appreciation for Harry Allen somewhere in your bag of tricks to dig this to the fullest, as it should be. Ah, jug band music for the plastic two liter bottle generation---tempis fugit. Check it out, this hootenanny is a real hoot.

BOSLEY/Dirty Dog Radio Show: A real original cat that has his work cut out for him if he wants to be more than a well loved cult act. Claiming both Prince and Nilsson as influences--he really means it. Soul, show band, funk, Stax, clever lyrics, it's all here---and it keeps coming. Nu blue eyed soul to be sure, Bosley is just a flat out gasser that keeps you guessing, and that's the thing that could keep him a cult act instead of mainstream monster, he keeps you guessing a little too much for the average listener. Anyone who never cared about what was on the top 40 and never feared going his own musical way is going to have their ears blown wide open by the underground gem from Baltimore. A solid disc of party music that doesn't kick into gear until after the bars close, even the ones with late licenses. Check it out.

Volume 38/Number 129
March 9, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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