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NICK DI PAOLO/Another Senseless Killing: One of our times premiere comics who brings a sense of danger because you just don't know what's going to pop out of his mouth next, DiPaolo doesn't disappoint. Leaving no topic untouchable, DiPaolo captures the spirit of the old time black comedy party records that had to be sold from under the counter. Beware, this is the kind of stuff your kids will play when you aren't around that's sure to warp them for life. Killer comedy throughout.

JOHN COLTRANE/So Many Things-The European Tour 1961: Since this four cd set was never intended to be a record, let's let the kvetches have their say first then mock them after they leave the room. Yeah, the sound quality is meh. Yeah, how many versions of "Blue Trane", "My Favorite Things" and Impressions" under the same cover do you need? Thank you, now move along. Coltrane with side men McCoy Tyner, Reggie Workman and Elvin Jones with Eric Dolphy, recorded and performed in Europe just after leaving Miles. You don't have to play all those versions of "Blue Trane" back to back, you know. Certainly a great document, especially since nobody reading or writing this was there, this is some raw Coltrane that really let's you feel the electricity he was generating as everyone involved was really reaching for it and sweating along the way. A nice dose of killer stuff hiding in the rough.

JOAN BAEZ/Newport Folk Festival 1968: Recorded a the height of Al Capp mocking her as "Phony Joany" and Baez being too school for school by not admitting she ever met Kingston Trio, the set card from this FM broadcast at the venerable folk festival shows the transitions of the time as she mixes traditional country with protest songs with radio pop with Fugs with Leonard Cohen with John Hartford all side by side. If you were digging her 50 years ago, all these issues are ones you'll just gloss over because she brings the voice the first bowled over Bob Gibson and she could sing the phone book back then and hold the audience rapt. So it goes when you're the world's Madonna dona dona dona don and you‘re needed from Belfast to Bangladesh.

LEE MORGAN/Complete Recordings 1956-62: A bifurcated career and being murdered in your early 30s doesn't make for a career with a lot of longevity, but if Morgan's career was short it sure was wide. Schooled by Clifford Brown, the trumpeter from the hard bop school was around long enough to be a key player for Hank Mobley, John Coltrane and Art Blakey, appearing on tent pole recordings by these front men as well as leaving a lengthy discography of his own. This brick collects 12 of his solo albums recorded all over a six year period and all with no fat. Late 50s daddio music with mainstream leanings, Morgan was a sure fingered blowing ace that kept right on blowing until the day before he died. This collection finds him recording in various configurations inserting humor as well as chops all along the way. Young ‘uns will discover trend setting sessions here that change the face of jazz within it's time zone they never knew what to associate with before. Everyone else will just dig the groove and vibe. Quite the mighty set from a talent that was taken from us way too soon. Check it out.

HORACE SILVER/12 Classic Albums 1953-62: The hard bopping piano man recorded so profusely for so many decades for Bluenote that's it's easy to take him for granted at this point in time. Anybody else might be satisfied just to leave "Song for My Father " and "Ecaroh" in their wake but there's nearly 8 hours more than that here, and this only covers his output up until 1962. Steeped in world music before anybody knew what it was, Silver was always interesting because his interests were so wide ranging. Whether pounding the ivories for Art Blakey or doing it for himself, his distinctive style held him apart from the pack and gave him a niche all his own no matter how much the machine tried to fit his square peg into their round hole. This is quite a well stocked collection of delights. 9031

Volume 38/Number 122
March 2, 2015
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2015 Midwest Record

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