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DIRTY HEADS/Sound of Change: Time for millenials to do the time warp again. A bunch of pissed off English sounding men take it back to the 80s when pissed off English walked the earth spreading their tunes in their wake.

JOAN BELGRAVE/Merry Christmas Baby: Too bad this jazzy/soulful Christmas collection is only ep length because the Belgrave household really brings it here. Certainly an nice change of pace, Belgrave proves there's still plenty of life in a lot of old Christmas bones.

TOULOUSE ENGELHARDT/Mind Gardens: The deft acoustic guitarist's recording schedule isn't exactly in touch with the changing seasons as this is his third (?) album in forty years but you just don't make a bottle of XO over night. With a bunch of titles clearly inspired by his long ago mentor, John Fahey, Englehardt is still reveling in the golden age of acoustic guitar diversity that was Takoma. Moving through phases that makes you think you're listen to a new version of the Fahey/Kottke/Lang sampler, acoustic guitar fans will salivate. Surprisingly ignored by labels like Windham Hill and Private in their hey days, some things seemed to be best preserved in amber where they can flourish unaffectedly. This is some of the best acoustic guitar music you are going to come across.

VIA TANYA & the Tomorrow Music Orchestra: Hard to believe it's been 25 years since this globe trotting, genre splicer was kicking off her career in a noise rock band. No matter what changes to her sound, vibe and attitude have come and gone, she's still an art chick that's hard for us to figure out since she's originally from Australia and we have know idea what constitutes rebelliousness there. Coming with a pomo sound for millenials whose attitudes are reflected in the current state of sitcoms, Tanya is the pin up girl for the contemporary state of the art rock art chicks.

ASWAN/The Nile Project: You think we have the market cornered on roots music? Here's a bunch of musicians from all along the length of the Nile that formed a collective to cross pollinate their sounds and foster understanding. Wow, send some of this to Ferguson, MO and see if it'll do any good there. A wild collection for those really committed to world beat, by definition this set is out of the ordinary and it helps your enjoyment if you are partial to Arabian sounds. Really a wild ride for the arm chair traveler.

DRUNK HISTORY seasons 1 & 2: Are you a veteran of Ginger vs. Maryann sparring matches? Have you ever tried the solve the problems of the world and ended the evening with a hearty "I love you, man"? Well, you know who you are and this deluxe edition of the first two seasons of loads of your fave alt.celebrities getting tanked and explaining history to you takes the burden off you of having to do all the work yourself. As cheesy as the cheese fries they need to consume to keep all that hooch down, this laugh riot breaks it all down for you. Uncensored with a bunch of extras (over two hours worth), late night dates with your DVD player have just risen to the next level of the game for all card carrying millenials. The laughs just keep coming in fine style.

ROCKING THE WALL: We seem to be heading into a new age of young people being do gooders again and this handy, new documentary about an event that happened before they were born might just awaken their senses to real injustices that need to be righted and how the power of music can bring it all home without the aid of a weather man to tell you which way the wind is blowing. One of those documentaries that isn't just dry talking head stuff, this is a nice living, breathing document that merges the past with the power of the future and gives all something to really think about. Well done.

Volume 37/Number 26
November 26, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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