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TINEKE POSTMA/Sonic Halo: I get it. You turn a cat like Greg Osby loose on Kickstarter so he can hook up with a Dutch sax cat he's been bringing along and you let them do what they want to do for fans that want to hear it. It must be nice to make a progressive record without some schmuck from the label constantly giving the players notes with helpful hints like "give me some more of that you know, that thing you do". A blowing session that's not a cutting session, it has the kind of vibe that delightfully powered a lot of Miles' milder 60s session before he took off for outer space but was getting the rocket ready. Not exactly free jazz but creative and adventuresome. Certainly a wonderful fill for that envelope pushing sweet tooth.

ERIN AND HER CELLO/Petits Bisous: A singing, comedic cellist? Know what? Don't you go calling her a just another wacky art chick. This basketball playing Idaho lass is off creating her own genre where she sometimes sounds precious but if you listen to what's coming through in her originals, this modern gal is taking no guff and charting her own course no matter where it takes her. Because she likes and appreciates all kind of music, her works know no bounds making her sum total a ride you should just shut up and enjoy. Wild stuff hiding under an unassuming façade, Erin delivers throughout. Quite the auspicious debut.

HOLLANDS/Restless Youth: This is the kind of record that needs the big label machinery behind it as it's got that kind of left field stuff that kids would get into if they knew about it. The duo are scions of left field musicians and they are also pals with many of the big timers that could give them a push as well. With touches of loads of stuff you know and love coursing through it's veins, this is an example of what amped up folk rock sounds like in 2015 ears.

IREESH LAL/Ethnotronica: This veteran of the world beat wars cuts right to chase on his new ep where the title really tells you all you need to know. With more creativity and thought than the usual EDM set, Lal has been around enough to know his business and deliver more entertainment bounce to the ounce than you are accustomed to. Yep, you could pick this set out of a line up and that gives it extra points right there.

LEE GALLAGHER & the Hallelujah: You wouldn't really know it from their sound but this psych-roots crew came together over a love of Bobby Charles and were championed this far by Victoria Williams. You just never know what ‘s in the box. Since this stuff is running so far ahead of the curve, outré rockers will be the ones touting this for the next year or so until standard pop gets it's periodic, temporary deflation.

THE SINGER AND THE SONGWRITER/What a Difference a Melody Makes: A Django inspired guitarist hooks up with an Elvis inspired chanteuse and the awards go flying through the air. Sounding retro and lo-fi, this nu cabaret music for the café in the farther parts of the galaxy. Loaded with polish that doesn't let you feel that it's anything but sincere, this is performance that brings a lot of heart and soul along for the ride.

JON BATISTE-CHAD SMITH-BILL LASWELL/The Process: I know this label is really serious about pushing their music when they send me real physical goods, like they did this time around, rather than crappy cd-rs in plastic envelopes. Remember those really cool records left field labels like Celluloid used to release? This set is right in that pocket. A bunch of player you'd think you'd never find in the same room unleash their genre blending chops on a date that you think might work on paper but really works in execution. With funky Africa mixing with Nawlins and beats and more, certainly this is a set for the sonic malcontent, but once he gets his hands on it, he'll hock it to his friends so much that the hypnotic mash up with get under their skin the due course. One of the better, free wheeling wild rides you are going to take this season. Check it out.

JONATHAN KREISBERG/Wave Upon Wave: The jazz guitar ace does it again. Freely coloring outside the lines, thought and improv come together in a sound that makes you pay attention to really get the most out of it. With invention and muscularity riding side by side, this lite fusiony set is just what today's short attention spans need to stay tuned. Solid stuff throughout.

SAM NEWSOME/Straight Horn of Africa-A Path to Liberation, The Art of the Soprano V. 2: This is a blast of civil rights jazz straight from the church basement. A set of music for liberation, obviously all is not hunky dory in today's world if jazzbos feel a need to really take it back to the roots. Very much within the jazz explorations of the early 60s, Newsome makes art out of noise but the ride he takes you on is not a smooth jazz ride. Wild stuff geared toward those who have worn the grooves off their old BYG records and are not satisfied with the cd remastering of same.

NO REFUND BAND/Current State of Blue: Here's a killer dose of amped up, rocked up contemporary blues that sound like a whole show band with a palette of just five pieces. Deeping the groove they've impressed us with in the past, this is a smart house rocking date that starts the party and keeps it going. Hot, heavy and cutting right to the bone, this is the set that raises the bar for all comers. Hot stuff throughout.

Volume 37/Number 5
November 5, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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