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BRADLEY COLTEN/Ernst Bacon-Complete Works for Solo Guitar: There's always room for more great classical guitar work and this is an interesting mother lode. Bacon was a sidekick of Carl Sandberg and his bunch which led him to rub shoulders which the crème of American arts in the early 20th century. Colten found 19 unpublished works of Bacon that were envisioned as a definitive statement for American classical guitar. Time passes, they sit in drawers, bla bla bla, until...shazam! A young award winner that could easily take his place next to Chris Parkening and others of that ilk, Colten serves up stellar listening for a Sunday afternoon where he takes an acoustic guitar places you never imagined while still staying within the realm of solo, classical guitar. Winning stuff throughout.

SCOTT FIELDS STRING FEARTET/Mostly Stick: He don't care about even illuding to the classical no more as he charts his own contemporary classical, angular pots and pans music journey through the sounds of German arts council grants. For fans of high art.

OUTHEAD/Send This Sound to the King: Oh, how can you not respect a bunch that tells you right up front they're a pomo art house bunch? Commemorating the no wave vibe with it's roots in free jazz, this the sound of hipper malcontents into jazz everywhere this season.

MIKE LONGO TRIO/Celebrates Oscar Peterson Live: You've got to roll the clock back over 50 years to find the connection, but there is an intense connection between piano man Longo and piano man Peterson---and it was Peterson that taught Longo he should only play like Longo. That advise seems to have served him well. This set is the outgrown of a tribute concert Longo did for Peterson and Longo set it up Peterson style, no rehearsal, just wing it and let it fly. The torch passes nicely here as Longo achieves what he sets out to do in fine style, tributing Peterson without aping Peterson on a set of tunes associated with Peterson. As close as you can come to the real thing these days, Peterson's memory has a first class remembrance here. Well done piano jazz throughout.

TOMMY IGOE GROOVE CONSPIRACY: Party time Tuesday night at Yoshi's in San Francisco is now coming to a set of headphones near you. A busman's holiday for jazz and rock vets that want to keep their chops up, this aggregation has nothing to prove and can let the good times roll any way they want. Joined on this record by a crew of total hitters with less than nothing to prove except how much they love to play when games are going to be raised, an Amish barn raising has nothing in this bunch. Clearly the shot of adrenaline Tuesday nights go begging for, the fun, funk and fur flies in fine fashion. Grab yourself an invite to this party.

DIEGO PINERA/Strange Ways: The latest in the label's Next Generation series, this well traveled young drummer is as confounding and amazing as his wealth of passport stamps. Based in Germany now, but who knows for how long, Pinera is sure to be the next important jazz drummer to be coursing through everyone's ear buds. A cats whose hands are as good at writing as they are playing, he's one to keep an ear out for because now is already too late if you want to be first on your block. Hot stuff.

ROLF KUHN/Timeless Circle: Culled from his run on Intuition in the 90s, the German jazz giant tootles up a storm on his 85th birthday special edition that finds him pulling his fave tracks from that run, most of which are peopled with killer players from German and American jazz and fusion. Already a senior citizen when these tracks were first laid down, there must be something in the water he drinks. Still sounding fresh and forward thinking today, left leaning fusion heads will flip over what you can dig in and out of these grooves. A hot, wild ride throughout.

CLARENCE PENN & Penn Station/Monk-The Lost Files: One day, someone will do a tribute to Monk and some snappy writer will conclude, ‘well you needn't', but this isn't that day. Super session drummer Penn and pals do a user friendly, contemporary spin on Monk that keeps the music breathing and sounding forward. A tasty, passionate set, Monk lives just as much as Bird does. Well done.

SPIN QUARTET/In Circles: A crew of hitters familiar to fans of the Origin label or contemporary jazz in general, they band together for their first as a band and their well wrought forward thinking tunes will have you on board in no time. Certainly sounding like it's the right time and place for them to step out on their owns, this free-ish jazz is a gasser. High octane, high energy throughout and a sure fire winner.

SHEPLEY METCALF & RON ROY/Don't Bother to Knock You know you're dealing with a real old school cabaret singer when she tackles a bunch of old songs by famous writers that you really haven't heard much of or before. A pair of
Bostonians that have working together since a chance meeting at a workshop in Tuscany, their affinity must have been immediate and smoking because they play it on the natch throughout. Fun stuff that opens cabaret to all, this is some killer jazz vocal work that's sure to bowl you over.

Volume 38/Number 345
October 11, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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