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ANANDA GARI/T-Duality: A Young Italian drummer gives his record a science-y title and hooks up with some of the top progressive jazzbos in New York who are up for whatever he can throw at them. Already a vet of ECM and other high cred jazzbo circles, Gari knows how to deliver that angular kind of improv jazz that just begs for smoky, basement clubs where free thought flows.

CAPTAIN PLANET/Esperanto Slang: A globe trotting release from the expert beat maker, CP genre blends and genre splices as he mixes a lot of sounds from really down south with sounds that could launch from South Bronx as well. The kind of mash up kids and advertisers love, it's a flat out good time party record that makes modern good times roll.. Check it out.

ALBARE/Two Decades of Jazz: Hard to believe that it's time for this world class guitarist to look back over the last twenty years of playing with a double cd of goodies from all his albums, including those out of print. A dandy dose of Eurojazz guitar from the Paco meets post Bluenote Al and beyond school, this is lush, wonderful playing, although not all of it homogenous, that is loaded with the chops of a pro who's forgotten more than most others know. A well done set for guitar fans that love the real deal.

SPERO/Electric: Piano trio head jazz that likes to find the funk on Mars as well as the jazz from the electronic junkyard where the junkyard dogs keep things hopping. A solid player that has a hankering to push the limits, this is how nu jazz rock would have sounded if there's wasn't an economic collapse in 1979 that made the labels forget they ever heard of innovation. A wild ride played by skillful hands.

FREDDY COLE/ Singing the Blues: This ain't Delta blues, this blues like his brother Nat and the rest of his contemporaries jammed out on. Jumping, thumping and hitting hard all the way, the vet vocalist takes the old stuff and makes it fresh with fine company in tow. A killer set like they used to make ‘em, this'll lively up the blood in short order. Well done.

THOMAS MARRIOTT/Urban Folklore: It's funny how you have to read the liner notes to understand how this instrumental jazz can pack in so much politics and observation on the human condition without any vocals. The joys of impressionistic music. Before getting down to the diatribes, the trumpeter hooks up with Orrin Evans piano trio and the sparks fly, maybe because the players understood what lurked beneath (or maybe just because they are smoking players). No matter how you decide to crumble the cookie, Marriott is player with great tone and control as well as writing skills that always keep it compelling. A top shelf set all the way that's you'd be wise to let lead at this dance, this is smart stuff throughout. Well done.

RYAN SHULTZ QUINTET/Hair Dryers: You'd have to be a hard core jazzbo to get the significance of this but Shultz is one of the few bass trumpeters out there. And he's right here in Chicago pushing the envelope of innovation right in our backyards. With a bunch of locals backing him that locals would do well to get more familiar with, this music of big shoulders is not full of smelly onions. This crew had to spend a fair bunch of time digging the sounds of AACM and they learned their lessons well. Hard hitting stuff that isn't afraid to take chances and make them pay off.

BRAD GOODE QUARTET/Montezuma: Straight up Chicago jazz with a twist, just the way we like it. Mixing originals with covers from different quadrants, Goode and company know each others moves well and can keep you guessing which is written out and which is improv as you groove along with the proceedings. Smooth and fluid enough to sit back and make killer bucks as a sideman if he so desired, Goode isn't just good, this outing shows him better than best. Hot stuff.

DAVID BORGO & PAUL PELLEGRIN/Kronomorfic: Big band space jazz. See how you can subgenre anything you want? Great sounds for contemplating either your navel or the universe, these are sounds that put the tea in the tea pad.

PETER HAND BIG BAND/Out of Hand: The vet guitarist rounds up a collection of leaders, led by Houston Person, to kick it out big band style with a sound that's bigger than the sum of the parts. They use their magic touches to enjoy jamming together and make the classics sound new in the process. With the hallmarks of an after hours set ringing loudly throughout, this is contemporary big band that's played for love. Well done throughout.

Volume 38/Number 344
October 10, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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