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DONALD BYRD/Definitive Classic Blue Note Collection 10 Complete Albums: Here's a sweet little mother lode for you. Even though it would still be ten more years until Byrd hit his real commercial breakthrough with "Black Byrd", he was already showing how jazz was done in Detroit after he left Bethlehem for Blue Note and a very tasty run no matter what. With rare dates, live dates, ballad dates and heat, Byrd kicked it out in various configurations, in top form all the way through. With more than six hours of great, seminal listening on board, this is a fine picture of a young man with a horn that knew how to deliver the goods and never blew a false note. Hot stuff from the turn of the 50s into the 60s that wears well today, this is the real deal. To top it all off, this is great jazz at a great price. Well done.

KRUSH GROOVE/soundtrack: Hard to believe now that when this originally came out, people thought rap was a fad that would pass and this thinly veiled story of the origins of Def Jam was a trifle that shouldn't be taken too seriously. Can you believe there was once a time when Fat Boys meant rap? At least when rap was finding it's way they brought Sheila E. and Chaka Khan around to provide the soul and jazz before sampling took over. This cleffer is an amazing look back at a time and place that almost everyone except the true believers took for granted. And most of the tunes are still great. Check it out, this set has had a checkered release history and should be grabbed while it can be.

SOUTH PARK-The Complete 17th Season: Hard to believe but the boys are back in town. No matter how much of a juggernaut the creators have become, they always have time to keep the baby that started it all right in the moment. Jammed packed with ten hilarious episodes that has the kids screwing with NSA, bringing world peace and making their way through the "Black Friday" trilogy, the laughs keep coming like they've been for almost two decades. With the usual bunch of behind the scenes extras you've come to expect from Parker and Stone, this is a bonafide laugh riot for people who love to laugh and don't care about having it being family friendly----even if this is how kids really are. Another notch in the duo's trophy belt is assured.

KEY & PEELE season 3: You know you're succeeding when they don't smoosh two seasons worth of shows onto one set. Season three gets it's own respect here as the fearless comedy duo find another season worth of stuff to skewer and barbeque for our amusement. A cable comedy show that won a Peabody, the reach and influence of this duo is farther than you might imagine as you sit home smirking at the things whizzing past you that you're not sure you really heard. When a season of "Big Bang Theory" runs a little over 8 hours when laid end to end, I guess we can't bitch too much that a season of K&P runs a little under five hours, but we do like those sketch comedy moments to keep coming. Ah, on to season 4, hitting the airwaves next week. A clear cut laugh riot.

AWKWARD season 3: Just like every generation of younger brothers needs a metal band of it's own, every generation of younger sisters needs it's own coming of age dramedy to show them they aren't alone in defining themselves in an ever changing world. With concerns that don't reach beyond the teen years, teens and those who think they are will howl at Jenna Hamilton's miss steps that really don't mean much in the great scheme of things but are world shattering when magnified under the watchful eyes of mean girls...and family...and friends, all of whom have their own agendas. Jenna is whizzing through high school with this set looking at her junior year and she's well on her way to being a spokesperson for a generation as long as miss steps abound. Extras include even webisodes you were too lazy to tackle.

Volume 38/Number 322
September 18, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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