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RICARDO SILVEIRA ORGAN TRIO: The ace guitarist always had a jones for recording with an organ trio. After searching high and low, he finally found the right organist. The sparks flew so mightily that the tape recorder couldn't keep up with it all. That's why this ‘debut' recording is a double disc with a live set and a studio set. The results merit the exuberance. Organ trio, jazz trio, what have you, this is killer stuff that never strays out of the pocket. Recorded in Rio, soaking up that local energy, this will be a crew you'll be hearing more from, especially since Silveira is taking his energy to new levels here. Well done throughout.

EG KIGHT/A New Day: Whether you like white blues mamas or not, you should listen to this record so you can get an idea of just what goes into secret sauce. Producer Paul Hornsby, a wheel behind so many Capricorn records from back in the day is in the wheelhouse here, steering the ship like the pro he is/was/will be. Jam packed with a solid dose of that vibe that was going on between Macon and Muscle Shoals, he provides the proper settings for Kight to pick it up, slow it down, shake it up and turn it loose. A return to the record as a statement and a show, there's pacing, thought and care just dripping off the edges of this set. Back to Kight at the center of things---she's showing the chops, depth and maturity to make this her best set yet. And this could easily have been a back in the day Capricorn classic even if it doesn't give off a retro vibe. It's just what high octane stuff is all about. A winner throughout.

JOE FERRARA/Tiger Walks in My Dreams: A pomo crooner that could probably play it straight but has a fascination with the future, he's giving kids industrial swing (?) to fill their need to be adult along side their need for some EDM. Ferrara is one cat that understands the mash up. Totally crazy set that tries valiantly to be something for everyone, just like in the old days, except doing it for now. Wild.

JULIE KELLY/Happy to Be: A west coast warbler well respected by her peers has the sense to know the classic songbook has been beaten to death and sets her sights on other tunes with a few miles on them from writers that have been front and center but haven't had these beaten down. With an army of first call jazzbos bringing out the best in her, Kelly puts her forceful, full bodied voice front and center giving the jazz vocal fan an unexpected treat. Well done.

KEVIN CLINE/Make Up Your Mind: A Chicago cat that's put in time over the last 30 years with Glenn Miller Orchestra, Jonathan Brandmeier and goodness knows what else in between, heads out to the Chicago suburbs to unleash some smooth jazz that's been building up within him. Tasty stuff that flows with the certain Chicago vibe that let's you tell it's not from either coast, this is a tasty, easy going set that finds him splitting his time between piano and trombone with equal skill. A sure bet for easy chair jazzbos that want something relaxing yet thrilling.

RITMOS UNIDOS: C'mon, you have to give props to a cat living in the Gulch and making a more than credible pan-Caribbean jazz/party record with a bunch of locals. The second outing from this crew, they have the knack for mixing jazz, religious music, party music and fun in the sun music into a tasty mix that'll really stir up your ears. If you put this on and hit repeat, the party will last all night and no one might notice they are listening to the same thing over and over. Hot stuff.

BEBEL GILBERTO/Tudo: One of the tough truths for aristocracy these days is that you have to pull your own weight. Gilberto got the memo and turned it on it's head. Coming back with her first new set in five years, she takes Brazil to the west coast for a killer set of adult pop that makes the whole world feel like cocktails at sunset in Belo Horizonte. Mixing in a surprising dose of yeh yeh girl and jet age pop, Gilberto tips her hat to her birthright but builds on that and takes it somewhere else. Delicious, delightful and delovely. Check it out.

PERU BRAVO Funk, Soul & Psych from Peru's Radical Decade/various: Let's be real, who among us was giving much thought to what was going on in Peru 40 years ago? Hmmm, that many (smirking).Well, in Peru, they were getting as nutty as they were in San Francisco and this over view feels like it's got plenty of Bay Area grease dripping off it---and more. With stuff you never heard from cats that might have had a chance until the military took over again, this is a bunch of great jams from all corners you never heard and are sure to dig. The latest in a series that isn't afraid to go deep, this'll transport you to the Fillmore of your dreams. Check it out.

Volume 38/Number 298
August 25, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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