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AVASHI COHEN'S TRIVENI/Dark Knights: The latest from the adventurous trumpeter and his trio finds him working the out sound side of things. If his crack trio isn't enough for you, there's also a few guest turns from Anat Cohen, Gerald Clayton and Keren Ann. Certainly channeling experimental Miles, Cohen greets the open eared warmly with some killer sitting down jazz that fills the room with it's huge vibe. Carefully crafted for the musically adventurous.

FRANK WALTON-YARON ISRAEL SEXTET/Live in Chicago: Recorded one night in the depths of last winter's deep freeze, this bunch heated up the night just fine if this set is any evidence. A hard blowing bunch of post boppers working out on a lot of chestnuts, the trumpet man and his pals play with the fire that shows the makings of a classic live date of killer jazz. Hot and happening throughout, this is a must for anyone who likes jazz from deep in the pocket. Well done.

WADUDA, PRASANNA & THE MYSTERY/Crystal Chakra Healing: This is so mellow that even with the sound on the laptop turned up to 75, I could barely hear it. This isn't even about the record making process anymore. This is the sound of healing crystals resonating in bowls that have been blessed from beyond. The next time you get a massage, if this is playing in the background, just go with it to see if it really has healing power in sound and be glad your therapist didn't get another drippy synth record.

AL GROMER KHAN/Tibet Shakti: The musical multi tasker takes you behind the curtain deep into his own world where he let's you come face to face with his spirituality as well as his chops. Taking his ambient work to it's minimalist outpost, Khan melds sitar with singing bowls and shows that just because you like John McLaughlin doesn't mean you can be a smarty pants about what Shakti really is. Most certainly this is meditation music but I'd certainly like some feedback from anyone that tries this out in the car after a rotten day.

GENERATION BLUES EXPERIENCE/Private Angel: Is this the stuff of Simpson's episodes or what? A 12 year old hauls off to a blues club, hooks up with to old cats that are older than his grand parents. They hook up with some other cats humored by the whole thing and set off to record a classic jump blues, show band set that hails from where blue lights are burning all night long. Credible as all hell, this aggregation pulls it together as solidly as anything you'd expect from Alligator or any of the other usual blues suspects that are out there keeping it real. Electric and eclectic, this is a wonderfully happening set of modern blues. Check it out.

HEATHER KROPF/Chrysalis: An ambient singer/songwriter from the land of deep thoughts serves up some ambient flavored, deep thinking tracks for people that know what it is to carry the weight of the world on their shoulders.

KIRBY SEWELL BAND/Girl With a New Tattoo: In which we find Canada trying to muscle it's way into the Chicago blues vibe with a modern white boy that has the blooze. A top flight blues show room band, they have the muscle and the drive to grab modern ears that don't know nothing bout no deltas (except in math class). Heavy duty stuff that easily and handily goes the distance.

AMY DICKSON/A Summer Place: About time the Brits did some sharing. This wonderful saxy lady is embarking on a crossover album straying not too far from her classical roots turning in a set of mostly jazz soundtrack works, even if the original wasn't jazz. Tasty stuff that doesn't break any new ground but will endear her quickly to people that get their music form talent shows, this is a crafty, new way to sneak in under the radar and also not intimidate listeners that might be scared off thinking she might be too high brow and long hair. A lovely way to cleanse the musical palette. Well done.

Volume 38/Number 296
August 23, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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