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YOUN SUN NAH/Lento: And for those of you who thought those brainy Asian kids don't rebel, we give you Ms. Nah, the daughter of classical musicians who wanted to hear something else coming from her talents. Impressed by Brel and saudade, she took off for Paris, got together with Oscar Peterson's long time guitarist ultimately fusing her culture and interests into a gumbo of American, female shoe gaze that runs from originals to Trent Renzor and Johnny Cash covers, all at once. Net effect? ART CHICK! Y'know, I can remember when Sia was considered out there and now she has a number one record. I just know there's going to be a bunch of people ten years from now taunting they liked her when.

ADAM ANDREWS/Road to Ambo: A Christian rocker leaves that behind for the world of solo piano with a bent toward healing and commemorating the journey his family took to Ethiopia to adopt his son. Squarely in the pocket of solid contemporary instrumental music, this solo piano set is charming and easy to take. Ready to take his place with the top cats in the genre, Andrews has it together and this set will find favor with fans of the Kevin Kern etc gang. Well done.

UWE GRONAU/Thoughts of Tomorrow: The new ager with a load of tricks up his sleeve comes in with the kind of wide ranging stuff Lieber and Stoller would be making today if they were making sounds of the street records in today's multi culti world. Using all of his skills to bring the mass market to him, this is a new kind of nu one world music where the party goes on all night and keeps going well past dawn. Not one to be told when he should be aged out, Gronau brings skill, chops and passion to the fore and he does it in a way that the youngsters ought to pay attention to---and we're talking about the performers. Solid stuff that takes you to places you've only seen in dreams. Well done.

JAMIE DUBBERLY & ORQUESTRA DHARMA/La Clave Del Gumbo: Hot and heavy NoCal Latin jazz that should get out of the neighborhood more often. Even lead footed gringos can feel what's going on here and join the party. Fun stuff that is on a first name basis with caliente, this crew has the classic vibe flowing through their music and it's a great sound for summer for the rest of the country---the part that knows they have to make the most of those 90 days. Well done.

CIRO HURTADO/Anahuasca Dreams: The world/jazz guitar playing leader of Huaycaltia rolls the clock back a bit here to make his latest effort sound like things that were frequent when the Ottmar Liebert sound was in the air. More of a full band set than his recent efforts, with even more of an international flair in the tracks, Hurtado simply has a killer date for world guitar fans looking for a hot serving of the real deal. Truly tasty stuff from a pro of long standing, this is a high water mark from a career full of them. Check it out.

MICHAEL CARVIN EXPERIENCE/Flash Forward: At 70 years old, you can give Carvin room for not recording for the last 8 years because ‘he didn't feel like it'. Making up for lost time, he dives right into the post bop world with a set of Miles-centric covers with a new band that's really smoking. Perhaps not an essential set, especially with the originals so prevalent, but a gasser to hear. With everyone in synch about kicking it out on music they love, the jazzbo heart should be warmed appropriately. Kick back and enjoy.

SIMON PHILLIPS/Protocol II: When a cat's been away from recording for 14 years, it's not hard to understand how all but the hard core can forget about him. He didn't record because he felt like he didn't have anything to say, and you can admire him for that. Another drummer that knows how to give everyone else some, this is a smart, solid dose of fusion that frankly sounds like he's never been away. Assembling a band that sounds like they've listened to a fair share of Zappa, this is fusion for the after hours crowd that wants it straight and uncut. Top shelf stuff that does the job by being right on the money throughout.

NOAH HALL & Whiskey Priest/Almost Satisfied: Indie popper turned shoe gaze folkie comes in with a set about relationships and the wasted energy they create. And you thought only early Leonard Cohen records were the soundtrack for when you felt like gargling with razor blades? Look at the trouble Bic made with those one piece disposable razors. Hall hits the nail on the head, you just have to be in the right place to appreciate it.

Volume 38/Number 277
August 4, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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