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SHERIE JULIANNE/10 Degrees South: There's something about Brazilian jazz that seems to free the souls of women of a certain age these days and it's a nice trend. Vocalist Julianne teamed up with Marcos Silva and started her own label to follow the passion. Enlisting a bunch of Bay area jazzbos with the smarts to compliment her vision, what we have as a result is an album that sounds delightfully like summer any time of the year no matter what your climate. This is a sweet palette cleanser that really rejuvenates the taste buds. Check it out.

ANCIENT FUTURE/Yearning for the Wind: Reacting to the changing times, this new one by Matthew Montfort is a cd single with a video component. A simple set of guitar and tabla, this track simply sounds like Sedona. The chops and the smarts are there, but when you get something this tasty, you'd like to explore more than a track. Of course, that's what going on line is for these days. Check it out

KENNY LAVENDER/Conscious Journey Part 1 & 2: Most of us have a story to tell about man's inhumanity to man and most of the rest of us really don't want to or need to hear it. The story changes here. Lavender has had his share of ups and downs but has chosen to let his jazz trumpet tell the tale. Accompanied by a big band, for Lavender's recording debut, he pours his soul into his horn and what we hear is the hard hitting passion come out. A real groover of a mainstream date, this is the debut of a jazzbo that knows his stuff and shows he's got it on the ball as a leader, writer and player. Speaking of on the ball, these days it certainly takes a lot of balls to release a double cd debut, but he's done that and there's not a false note in this mostly original program. Winning stuff throughout, this is a nice example of the future of swinging, big band sounds that really go the distance.

LETICIA RODRIGUEZ GARZA/Saguita Al Bate: Hey, it happens all the time. Just when you have a career of your own that's taking off, you go digging in the crates in the attic and find out that your aunt was one of the first crossover stars of your ethnicity but she's been almost forgotten today. Then you play the stuff and realize how much it meant to you back in the day. What to do? Dust it off, breathe new life into it and let a whole new generation enjoy it. Sounding a lot like the Latin music that Tex Avery would sneak into his cartoons, this stuff sounds a lot more familiar than you might think. Have you re-watched "The Great Poochini" lately? Killer Latin/Hispanic music that apparently was made for the ages, this might be a kissing cousin of Ricky Ricardo music but it speaks over the generations without irony. Quite the fun treat.

MURALI CORYELL/Restless Mind: Guitar might be on his DNA but the younger Coryell has enough gene mutation that he presses his chops in the service of white boy, amped up blues. A true guitar slinger throughout, he serves up a mostly original set that feels like it's right from the natchurl pocket. Frat boy/roadhouse stuff that knows the moves, it's only a tweak away from being classic AOR but we're glad that Coryell is keeping it left of center. Smoking stuff throughout that has never heard of anything but high energy.

AL BASILE/Swing n; Strings: Well, this is an interesting side track for Basile. Still working out with Duke Robillard, Basile takes a real left turn and turns in his Steve Tyrell album. Working out on a different set of oldies and bringing a raspy oval to the fore, he leads a drummer less crew on this journey through the supper club past. Swinging easy with a bunch of long time, like minded pals in tow, it might be off beat, but what's not to like. A sure bet for when you want to change the mood without taking real chances.

Volume 38/Number 252
July 9, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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