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7 HORSE/Songs for a Voodoo Wedding: We talking Nawlins, Marie Laveau, industrial blues voodoo rock that takes it to the mean, dirty streets. Wild stuff that doesn't believe in limits and boundaries, this duo kicks it out in a soundtrack for a party that's gone too far but isn't about to stop. If this isn't the kind of madness that takes you back to your college days where it had to be louder to be better, you must have gone to some sorry ass junior college. This is a high octane, wild ride.

VICTORIA SIROTA/Celestial Wind: In which we find a husband writing organ works that could be the soundtrack of a scary silent movie for his wife of 45 years. He writes, she plays organ, but he sneaks in on piano. Call it contemporary classical if you will, but I think this could work well for the young ladies buying the suburban Goth dresses they were putting in the window at Hot Topic today. Wild stuff for any non-traditional ears in any genre willing to step to the line and take their chances.

JEAN-PHILIPPE GREGOIRE/Sounds from the Delta: In which we find a heavy hitting French guitar man deciding he wants a bite of the big apple and is willing to leave his substantial notoriety behind to go for it. Chops are transplantable and it should be a short sprint for him to get his flag planted here as deep as it was in France. A top notch fusion date with his ax leading the charge, Gregoire doesn't need to apprentice here anymore. Right in the pocket with all your guitar/fusion faves, this is a new stunner to perk up tired ears. Well done.

ADAM SCHROEDER/Let's: With a little bit of reshuffling of the Clayton Hamilton Jazz Orchestra, the rising young baritone sax man that even gets Clint Eastwood trying to sound like a daddio while enthusing about him get to step out majestically with Clayton Hamilton and Anthony Wilson in tow. What really needs to be said here? How about, ‘damn, dis da bomb'? While he's more than adept at originals, he takes a minute to tip the cap to Duke Pearson, Thad Jones and Benny Carter in quite a seamless fashion. This is the kind of stuff that puts the mmmmm in mainstream. Yep, it's mighty tasty. Killer stuff.

FILASTINE/Aphasia: EDM with the kitchen sink in the mix. Not headache music but the kids will get it much faster than their parents.

DAVID ALLAN COE/Illustrated 1977-79: Another four albums from Coe's 23 album run for Columbia show us that while Waylon might have been thinking this outlaw stuff had done gone out of hand, Coe was just gearing up. The writer of "Take This Job and Shove It", which is on board here, shows that he was just beginning to let his freak flag fly. Hardcore outlaw that transcends time, this is the real sound of the American heartland suffering the pangs and arrows of the mainstream pulling the strings of their lives apart---even today. As timeless as George Jones, but from another direction, this is how it was before sippy cups and safety belts dominated country music. By all means check it out and strap yourself in for Raven's next four album collection. Hot stuff.

CHARLES DAVIS/For the Love of Lori: Sadly, Davis is the next in an increasingly long line of vet jazzbos doing tributes to their wives who have died of cancer. And as seems to be the course for this growing genre, the music accents beauty born of pain. An unassailable sax man that has played with everyone from Billie Holiday forward, he brings his powers as a player and leader to bear here to the fullest extent. A set for real musos looking for some real jazz, your ears have a great stopping place here before they continue the journey. Well done.

VANEESE THOMAS/Blues for My Father: Rufus Thomas' other daughter is loaded with soul and blues as well. Tossing a smoking dose of Nawlins in the Memphis soul stew, this s a sure footed soul/blues romp from a gal that knows what she wants, how to get it and won't hold back if she doesn't have to. If you hear her in a club, this is music to make you drink up----in a good way. Smoking throughout.

Volume 38/Number 222
June 9, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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