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PAUL TYNAN & AARON LINGTON/Bicoastal Collective Chapter Four: At the very least, this set is going to ping the atavistic genes in anyone that ever dug the peppy, poppy sound of greasy organ jazz bands. While the sax/trumpet duo still leads the way, they give equal time to their fellow post boppers to step up and take you back to the day. Insanely tasty and on the mark without feeling like an homage or other such silliness, this is a fine showcase for players what am. Fun stuff that's sure to delight.

PETER LERNER/Continuation: How about some real Chicago jazz? Ace guitar man Lerner spent two years whipping this crew into shape so her could craft a band date tipping the cap to his mentor, piano man Willie Pickens, who is part of the band. It's fully Chicago jazz with a modern edge played by a crew that's really on board. Mostly originals with Miles nephew at the wheel, there's plenty here to perk up the most jaded ears. A smashing set that really knows hot to deliver the goods in fine style.

BOBBY SELVAGGIO/Short Stories: Here's a sax man making his label debut and he makes a point of bringing it throughout. While you might hear the echoes of your fave greats of the past pouring out of his powerful ax, there's no mistaking that Selvaggio has learned his lessons well and learned how to craft them into his own voice as well. Hard hitting, tasty stuff loaded with infectious grooves and moves throughout, this is a winner from top to bottom that leaves no dregs in it's wake. Check it out.

JERRY BERGONZI/Intersecting Lines: Pure wonderfulness. An old school blowing date between two saxes, with the other cat being Dick Oatts, you're sure to enjoy this so much that you'll be hitting the bargain bins for English public domain Sonny Stitt/Gene Ammons dates. With just the right amount of coloration sparsely added by the rhythm section, the communication between these two consummate pros is mind blowing, even without pyrotechnics. Hot stuff well worth checking out.

JD ALLEN/Bloom: Here's young sax man that has things on the ball in insidious, under the radar ways. Just when you think he's going to fly off into art jazz or civil right/church basement jazz, he knows how to bring it back to the core and blow you away with what an instinctive player he is. With right on pals led by Orrin Evans on piano, this is killer, smoky blue lights in the basement stuff that'll bring out the daddio in anyone--except kitties of course. Killer stuff for real hipsters, the ones that don't look like they're off to repair steam engines.

FLORENCIA GONZALEZ/Between Loves: The cover shot is sure to mislead you into thinking Gonzalez is some wispy, weepy saudade singer and you would be way off base. She's a sax player from Uruguay that can hold her own with any of the big boys. Her debut set finds her showing off her love of jazz, not any particular north/south thing or anything that straddles ethnic divides, she just plays killer jazz. While the cover shot would be right in having you think she veers toward a softer sensibility, that doesn't mean she's not capable of sure footed, muscular playing, all of which will have you sit up and take notice. It's gently, hard hitting stuff that'll have you singing her praises to anyone who'll listen. Well done.

CHARLIE APICELLA & IRON CITY JAZZ/Big Boss: What you have to love most about this jazz guitar ace is his ability to capture the classic Blue Note vibe and build on it. Sharing the set card with a load of Grant Green, Apicella has the chops to make Motown classics capably recast in his own voice, just like he does with the extended opening track here. A solid listening date that just can't be beat, mainstream jazzbos that want to stop complaining about not hearing any real jazz anymore will be more than satisfied here. Killer stuff throughout where all the smoking players on board get to get some as well. Check it out.

VANESSA PEREA/Soulful Days: It's time for New York to stop hiding Parea from the rest of us. With a set card that could have you thinking she's a cabaret warbler, her jazz leanings and vocal power have her planted too far to the left of cabaret which you'll hear once you give this a spin. More like a classic bandstand thrush that can hold a club in the palm of her hand, her take on the standards and classics gives them more of a case of mouth to mouth resuscitation than a breath of fresh air. Hot stuff that any fan of classic jazz vocalists will utterly flip for lead by the new blood coursing through the old veins. Well done with props to her backing crew as well.

Volume 38/Number 202
May 20, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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