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DOC STEWART/Code Blue: If Denny Zeitlin was a few years younger and played sax instead of piano and hung with Toni Tennille as well as Matt Catingub, he might have been Doc Stewart. A hot shot at Mayo Clinic, Stewart was a muso before he was a docto and he still plays with the passion of someone that would do this whether or not he could make a living at it or not. Far from being the usual busman's holiday record, Stewart was a pro before he settled on a day job and he's never lost his chops. Straight ahead stuff with an edge that that really cuts to the chase, even without a scalpel. Hot stuff.

PETTY'S PECULAIR PICKS-The Best of Tom Petty's Buried Treasure/various: 30 killer tracks of deep R&B, blues, rockabilly and more that shows how Petty has so much depth and has lasted so long. Parading glorious obscurities, even when they come from well known acts, kids might think this is a collection of old guy music, but it's the kind of stuff that keeps you young. "Stranded in the Jungle" alone is worth the price of admission. This is a great place to fill in your musical blanks, check it out.

MARC MARON/Thinky Pain: If the recent DVD of this album slid past you, fear not. Maron isn't that visual a comic and the dvd special is here in it's full glory on two cds timed to release just as the second season of his cable show is about to come out. Dealing with his neuroses in two fisted fashion, Maron lays it all out there like he always does and at the very least, he let's you know you aren't alone in the wilderness. Funny stuff from a singular vision and voice that just doesn't let anyone off the hook, gestalt was never so funny. Well done.

DIANE SCHUUR/I Remember You: Schuur recently turned 60 and has begun to turn her back pages. Tipping the cap to her two main mentors, Frank Sinatra and Stan Getz, Schuur puts her spin to tunes recorded by either or both. She knows her stuff, as we all know, and she knows how to pick a crew of up and comers in the New York jazz world who all have their oars pulling together delivering a fine set of standards. A tasty walk down memory lane, this is a fine off the clock recording with no loose ends. Check it out.

STEPHANE SPIRA/In Between: A product of late night jam sessions, Spira has a swinging sax that just keeps getting hotter each time we hear it. Working out with a smart New York crew that's feeling him throughout, everybody enjoys the after hours feel that propels this recording. Tasty throughout it's eclectic jazz path, listeners that like music that just feels good no matter where it meanders will dig this mightily. Hot stuff throughout that makes it sound all too easy.

RICH HALLEY 4/Wisdom of Rocks: The hard charging sax man has 12 new originals, some on the spot improvs and loads of energy to make his new release stand up and out from past releases. Swinging daddio stuff to the max, he sounds awfully New York here for a cat wailing from Oregon. Great stuff to get the blood flowing, Halley and his pals deliver the goods once again. Well done.

SEAN NOONAN/Pavees Dance-There's Always the Night: A free jazz bassist from the 70s hooks up with the vocalist from Can as they celebrate some visual art. It's artsy without being arts council stuff and pure bred headache music for boomers that don't have enough of a headache from their mortgages and kids. If you know Can, you know what you're getting.

TATIANA FARRA-VARDAN OVSEPIAN/Lighthouse: Artsy stuff with a real world edge, this piano/vocal duo sound like they are trying to be Swingle Singers all by themselves. They do a fine job of getting it all across. Clearly Sunday afternoon in the park music, this would be at home in any smart salon where adult music with a Brazilian edge and pure voice is needed.

Volume 38/Number 177
April 26, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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