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MURIEL ANDERSON/Nightlight Daylight: You thought Anderson's "Wildcat" album was a bag breaker? Put this on and hold on to your hat. A double cd containing her biggest and boldest statements yet, the award winning guitarist brings on a guest list of jazzbos and acoustic music all stars, all of which finds her not kidding when she bills them as "and friends". The lady has quite the Rolodex! She also hasn't heard that nobody is buying cds anymore. That must explain why the discs come in glassine sleeves so they don't get scratched coming in and out of the digipak. It also explains the utterly cool cover that has stars and fire flies lighting up when you press the moon. The music? Let's just say in all these years Anderson has yet to play a false note and she isn't starting on any now. With a different vibe but loaded with the spirit that launched adult music like Windham Hill in the face of hair bands and a tough economy, this is first class adult music for anyone that needs something with some blood to it to ping their soul back to life. Divided into a night disc and a day disc, she covered all the bases and has got your moods and wants covered as well. From Beatles to Monty Python with a load of stops in between that'll have you lingering there as well, this collection is an utter classic that'll find it's spot playing the cosmos long after we're all gone. A new high water mark in adult music by an unbeatable pro.

LAUREN KINHAN/Circle in a Square: One of the four New York Voices steps out for her third solo outing with a load of first call big apple jazzbos in tow. Amazingly enough, this set sounds familiar but sound s like nothing you've heard before. Working without limitations, she pursues her muse at several levels giving us a nu kind of jazz thrush without the tortured artist effect on board. A solidly swinging set that's in the pocket throughout, this is a powerful outing that never fails to connect. Hot stuff.

MASON SUMMIT/Absentee: Turning to writing after losing his father in an accident, Summit is still 17 but is hooked up enough to get a lot of the current version of the LA wrecking crew on board with him. Finding his way in the wilderness, Summit recaps his writing since he was 14 giving a snapshot of where he's been and where he's headed. We don't castigate them because they're young or venerate them because they're old. Summit is showing he's well on his way. This is the kind of set kids can gravitate to without the marketing behind other kid friendly records because he's speaks in the kind of plain voice they can understand without beats an hype. Interesting stuff from a youngster that's going to be aright.

MIMI JONES/Balance: The bass player kicks off her second record with a bass riff that puts the spotlight squarely on her and it really grabs your attention. In the pocket post bop played with total assurity and control, Jones knows how to hit to all fields whether writing, producing, playing or leading. This is a totally tasty set by an important link to the future of jazz. Hot stuff.

CAMILLE THURMAN/Origins: This ain't no rock band so the chick doesn't have to be the bass player. In fact, this lady doesn't have to sing the blues when she can go honking on her sax in genre and gender breaking fashion. Trained as a scientist but called to be a musician, Thurman has some of her roots firmly planted in the church basement--but it's not all arts and crafts. With a real jazzbo stain on her DNA, the truth will out. Creative without relying on arts councils, Thurman is a must for open ears ready to do some new exploring but mainstreamers won't be scared off. This is the kind of work that gets you noticed for the long haul. Check it out.

SHIRAZETTE TINNIN/Humility-Purity of My Soul: A solid jazzbo with pop chops, Tinnin has been everywhere from the Liberace Jazz Sextet to one degree of separation from Beyonce with stops in between at Wu Tang Clan and more, more , more. Laying it out there with a civil rights jazz era tone from right before space became the place, you can tell she's listened to as much Eddie Harris as she has Santana and knows how to give back. Classic jazzbo stuff that any boomer can relate to when riding the jazz tip, Tinnin has what it takes to get you to stop thumbing through all those reissues on Amazon. Hot stuff.

CAROL FREDETTE/No Sad Songs for Me: Back in the 70s, when Chicago was first trying to make itself a hip destination rather than a convention destination, an up market hotel had a two week gig by Barbara Carroll in one of it's lounges. No cover, no minimum. Almost no audience either. Next time you want to bitch about life not being fair, think about how it sucks that Fredette doesn't have wider recognition west of the Hudson. A solid swinging vocalist who's power hasn't dimmed after more than 40 years in the game, Fredette's smoky, unaffected delivery and voice will get you at hello. With Pablo Azlan, Helio Alves and Roger Friedman on board to give this a unique four on the floor samba feel, this rightfully and righteously admired vocalist by those in the know burnishes the legend that much deeper. Killer stuff from a top shelf vocalist that's lived the life and has ‘no fucking regrets'. More people should have that attitude.

MIGHTY MYSTIC/Concrete World: In the wake of Bob Marley, there were a bunch of reggae acts that didn't want to be stars in that sense but they did want to keep it real and get the message out. Flash forward 40 years, Mystic's second set finds him in that keeping it real groove where the message is as important as the music. With plenty to protest these days, this from of protest music might catch on faster in dorm hallways than it will in the terrodrome where these sentiments are rampant anyway. Traditional in spirit, modern in sound, timeless in attitude, this set could be a nu standard bearer for the real, classic reggae fan. Hard hitting throughout.

Volume 38/Number 74
January 14, 2014
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2014 Midwest Record

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