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ADRIAN KRYGOWSKI/Roam: Did Krygowski think no one would remember "Nashville Skyline"/"New Morning" period Dylan? Recording this after moving to East Nashville and hooking up with second gen alt.country mavens, his nu aggressive folk comes in as his nu morning. This is a nice bunch of tasty pastries for millennial malcontents.

ANNETTE GENOVESE/Dream With Me: One of those cats that feels like stepping out on her own after being a background MVP for 25 years, Genovese is a full blooded, swinging thrush of a songbird that shows she likes to sing for the joy of it when she's off the clock. A solid find for jazz vocal fans looking for that next, new kick.

ARCHIE SHEPP ATTICA BLUES ORCHESTRA/I Hear the Sound: "Attica Blues" may not have gone gold yet, but like a Velvet Underground record that never sold squat, AB inspired all the musos that ever heard it. This second revival concert attracted several generations of hell raisers to rally around the original hell raiser that the helm of it all. Much more emblematic of black pride/black power than what the media pushes at us, this work has aged well, the players old and new on board appreciate their roles in the proceedings and this is a killer presentation of church basement jazz moved to a revival tent with room for all. An important presentation of an important work, that must be the reason why hell raising music like this has so many sponsoring logo cuts on the back of the cd jacket. Killer stuff that has a lot on the ball for anyone that want to learn about progressive jazz.

JIM GUSTIN & TRUTH JONES/Can't Shed a Tear: If a guy you probably never heard of that's been tearing up his vocal chords in LA for some auspicious sized audiences for 30 years can get the guy who put Bob Marley on the map to lend a hand, there must be something here going on. With the bombast of a 70s arena rocker churning out anthems, Gustin shreds and growls his way onto your radar and sinks his burrs into your classic feeling rock deprived psyche. Wild stuff that even dad and lad can find a common groove to bond over. Wild stuff.

DOWNCHILD/Can You Hear the Music: They're tearing it up in Canada with a powerful jump blues that's been played under the same banner for longer than jump blues had a vogue when it came into vogue. Still smoking and sizzling, they might have shortened their name to lighten the load in moving from venue to venue but the action hasn't cooled off a whit. The unmistakable sound of an all night party, raise one to toast this crew and let the good times roll---north of the border style. Hot stuff.

SONS OF KEMET/Burn: Left leaning, elephant funk based Miles stuff for the fourth stream. with the kind of progressive edge that could make fans of "Bitches Brew" feel like moldy figs, this is what the future of progressive jazz sounds like. Not for the faint of heart, this is what you get when you mix the proper recreational drugs with the future.

DEEPTI NAVARATNA/Shirish Korde Ka: You either have to be an East Indian, a relentless world beater or a committed opium smoker to get what's going on here in what sounds like a soundtrack for a Bollywood indie pic. An extravaganza of South Indian classical music from one of it's primo composers, gringos can only deal with this as art with a capital ART. Wild stuff if you've got what it takes.

SARAH SILVERMAN/Sarah: When I got an advance press release that Sarah Silverman was making a record with Bruce Barth, I wondered why (maybe) something like JASH decided to pair Jimmy Kimmel's old girl friend with Baby Man. No wonders. It's a jazz singer working out with a piano man. Ditching her commercial Broadway side for an art chick romp, this might not be a substitute for your suicidal ex-girl friend but it'll serve as a reminder of times gone by. She's a student of Luciana Souza trying to take the art chick thing to the next level to make her mark.

Volume 38/Number 26
November 26, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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