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PETE RODRIGUEZ/Caminando Con Papi: With some impeccable Fania roots in his bloodlines, Rodriguez taps his Nyorican roots and merges them with Miles Davis sonic questing for a set that shows it's ethnic pride with glee but has so many subtle genre fusions going on that your ears are sure to be spinning just keeping up. Certainly a sitting down Latin jazz session, there's plenty of caliente along the way, but it's the sophisticated kind. Check it out.

MICHAEL PACKER/I Am the Blues: In which we find the corner where Nelson Algren and William Burroughs meet white boy blues. Looking back on 50 years of living that could teach the musical drug addicts of the 90s a thing or two, Packer's story of his life could have easily been the template for "Behind the Music---from Hell". With songs and stories that'll curl your toes, it's hard to hang a pigeon hole tag on this audiobiography, but anyone that has a taste for anything out of the ordinary (or really misses Lou Reed--damn those phony tweets from fashion followers) will find that taste sated here. One seriously wild ride, mostly with nothing more than guitar and vocal.

HEADSHY/La Belle Époque (Triple EP): This Austin crew is really more taken with 70s Eno than they are 1890s French whores. Taking Eno's atmospherics as a starting point and adding vibes from various trance and pre-trance modes, this is intellectual trip hop for white college kids trying to hold on from now to spring term. A solid bet for the soundtrack of the times when you just don't feel like getting over it.

DOUG WEBB/Another Scene: Sax man Webb puts LA in his rear view mirror for a while and kicks it big apple style. Don't worry, he didn't leave any of his hard driving playing in his rear view mirror. Too driving a set for hipsters, this is for real jazzbos that want to dig the groove that doesn't quit. Solid stuff from a canon that keeps growing in the right direction.

LESLIE WEST/Still Climbing: This sounds like the record the Leslie West Band might have made if they didn't break up in Chicago in the middle of a tour opening for Kiss. Hard and heavy and loaded with guest stars, this is a set for kids in the heartland that have raging hormones with no where to release them. Where's Beavis & Butthead when you need them? They would be championing this to beat the band. Hard rock lives, even into old age.

PAUL REVERE & THE RAIDERS featuring Mark Lindsay/Something Has Happened! 1967-69: You know your pals at Raven wouldn't leave you hanging after that dandy fatty they put out on the Raiders a while back. Here's another fatty that's almost just as chockfull. And that doesn't even include anthologies and non-fatty sets. Fun was prevalent in the 60s and this is a nice load of it. Recorded when the automatic hits weren't as easy and Mark Lindsay was asserting himself more and more, the crew was making sweet albums and here's a load of the proof. These sets would almost have you thinking there wasn't any turmoil going on in the late 60s. There's nothing wrong with that. Oh yeah, there records weren't chopped liver. Elvis's band and Ry Cooder were dropping licks in the grooves. More than just a great history lesson, that's for sure.

DAVID ALLEN COE/4 Classic Albums 1974-78: Coe hung with Waylon, Willie, Clark, Goodman and the rest of the A team, but he always seemed to exist in his own time zone. As such, it doesn't seem like the got the proper love from Columbia after leaving the fold. These albums, from the prime outlaw years, got due respect but they didn't seem to ride the wave as hard. So here we have a great, fatty look back at the cat that wrote "Take This Job and Shove It" where we can enjoy prime 70s outlaw country the way it should be. Totally a killer collection throughout with nothing but highlights.

Volume 37/Number 363
October 29, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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