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ALAN BLACKMAN/The Coastal Suite: An hour long program serving up an impressionistic audio of 24 hours at the beach, this is art jazz at the top of the game. Sitting down music that might not be for everyone, if you're an art first kind of cat, this is directly aimed at your ears. The perfect compliment to wine, cheese and Sunday afternoon.

DEAD WAVES/Take Me Away: These Brooklyn punks kick it off like they want to kill your parents. Then they mellow out into a melodic metal groove veering away from the GG Allin tribute you were getting geared up for. And that's the fact, Jack.

FUNKYJENN/Rock & Roll Voodoo Queen: There's no affectation here. This sounds like the 70s. She's a product of the 70s. This could easily be the gateway drug that let's the 70s come back and be in your face. Pretty much how rock sounded at the moment when Heart moved from halls to sheds, Funkyjenn and her gang simply know how to rock, righteously. Fun stuff that could fuel an EDM/show gaze backlash all by itself.

ERIC DIVITO/Second Time Around: In which we face the quandary over whether Divito was holding back on his debut or if his chops that got much more impressive in the meanwhile. Calling his sophomore jazz guitar outing with an appropriate title ( as well as the closing track), this set that mixes originals and outside material finds the sweet spot where Divito makes it all his own. Riding firmly on leading edge tip, Divito take time to tip the cap to the past as well with engaging results. A solid guitar voice that shows he's well worth your while, you really want to say you knew about this cat before everyone else does. Check it out.

RAY MARCHICA/A Different View: So, what happens when an in demand New York session drummer that plays with everyone and has a Rolodex full of high flying friends goes off the clock and wants to jam with his pals?: You get the kind of set that non-insiders almost never get to hear. It doesn't fit the format, it's doesn't have to and it swings, grooves and spreads good vibes for all. Tasty stuff that sounds like Bethlehem would if it was making records today, this is a smoking date that just never misfires. Well done.

SOULFOOD/Buddha Bass: And if you think you know Soulfood, think again. If you haven't heard from them in a while, this time around they take some tracks out of the closet, give them to contemporary remixers to fiddle with and the result is an ear opening, wild ride that doesn't sound anything like the laid back stuff the title might suggest. Pretty much the soundtrack bridge and tunnel kids wanting to take an after-hours walk on the wild side hitting late night clubs in the meat packing district will understand, this is the sound of hip trance moving unabashedly out to the suburbs showing EDM just who's boss. Over the top at every turn.

UP THE CHAIN/Seeds & Thorns: Local Philly star makes the big move to expand his reach with a well produced set that puts him front and center. Certainly more folkie than the blue eyed soul the hype sheet claims, we're hearing more Neil Young than Hall & Oates. We're talking Neil Young without the whining and with crunchy guitars when appropriate. If John Mayer turned you off to nu folk, the cat behind Up the Chain might just bring you back.

ART PEPPER/Unreleased Art Vol VIII-Live at the Winery September 6, 1976: The amazing Pepper archives continue to issue forth with previously unheard material that continues to be mind blowing. Recorded with his NoCal crew at the beginning of his last comeback, Pepper is inspired and playing like someone half his age in twice his health. Crisply recorded from the soundboard at a jazz festival at Paul Masson Winery, something other than posterity was inspiring Pepper to let the fur fly that night in such mighty fashion. With the kind of inspired playing you think you'd have to be closer than most of a continent away from Highway 61 to turn in, whether he's hitting it out of the park on classics or originals you've heard before, you've never heard them like this. The better part of 40 years later, he can still teach the young ‘uns a thing or two about playing like a runaway train and keeping it melodic and in the pocket. Killer stuff that shows we're a long way from nothing but scraps being left on this table. Check it out, all the cats here are on fire.

Volume 37/Number 362
October 28, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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