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KEVIN COELHO/Turn It Up: Somehow it escaped us when reviewing his debut that this B3 ace is still a teen ager. Now that's he's barely old enough to get into clubs without sneaking in, he's been soaking up the vibe and is blowing the roof off the sucker with his high octane jazz/soul/funk. Killer stuff that makes you wonder what's in the water in his neighborhood, B3 fans have got to check this out because all the promises made on his debut have been delivered and then some. Simply a dead, solid perfect session that'll blow your ears wide open.

ANN LICATER/Invitation From Within: Is Licater's Native American flute playing healing music, new age or just kind of cool head music to space out with? Does it matter? As cinematic as it is purely musical, these movies for your mind will easily and surely navigate your mind to the quiet places everyone needs but seems to stubbornly ignore. There's a sly bit of world view inserted into the proceedings to keep your ears on their toes and remind you that with Licater at the wheel, you should expect the unexpected as you wonder down her musical hidden lanes. A solid work throughout.'

ADAM RONGO/Tell Your Story: Here's a killer coming of age set for a hot, young tenor sax man that has paid his dues academically and professionally and knows how to deliver a straight ahead session that's in the tradition and in the pocket throughout. Playing with both punch and dignity, this is a great listening record that can easily take it's place along side all of the best of them. Hot stuff that should not be missed.

XIU XIU/Nina: An avant jazz/punk tribute to Nina Simone? Well, uh, why not? This is surely the sound of out there before it all rolls off the rails.

DIFFERENCE MACHINE/Psychedelic Sounds of: The thing that differentiates this psychrap outfit from the rockrap outfits of the past is this is murkier and trippier at the same time. Add 30 years to PE, move it to the suburbs, keep the anger and voila! All you need to add is a few motherfuckers side by side with the upward mobility that enables suburban lifestyles and you have something more in step with the times than worrying about how well Miley Cyrus twerks. Hard hitting, hot and heavy stuff for children raised in the terror dome.

DEADCAT/Transientualism: Need some new headache music to piss off your parents? Atlanta offers up some new psych noize pop that'll harsh the mellow of even the most laid back pot puffing parents. Nuff said.

ERIC BIBB/Jericho Road: Bibb simply continues to turn out amazing records north of the border. His fourth for the label is his most mind blowing yet, and the previous sessions walked away being highly decorated and venerated. A set that fuses blues, folk, world and civil rights messages comes at you from so many directions at once that you just don't know where to cock your ears first. With a backing crew that helps Bibb take it to the max, this set goes beyond labels and will amaze anyone with working ears. The way Bibb has been going the last few years, this will easily be his greatest album ever---until the next one comes out. Hot stuff throughout.

TODD LONDAGIN/Look Out for Love: Raised by hippies with a hippie lifestyle, the singing trombone player set his sights on an era long ago that the jazz divas have well mined but he brings a different vibe to it all. With a straight ahead, old time feel, he soaks his feet in the jazzbo well as he delightfully spoons, Junes and croons his way through this set of memory lane specials. Fun stuff that's tailor made for when you want to feel grown up but not too stiff about it, it's like Lindagin invented a sound for after hours juice bars. Hold that tiger!, and have a ball doing it. Fun stuff that works.

Volume 37/Number 354
October 21, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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