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AURESIA/Risin': Widely recognized for her Canadian reggae, Auresia is more of a pop/world beater than a reggae infused popster. With heavy doses of white street soul/funk, this hip, genre blender of electronica/erotica serves up a nu kind of soul that's tasty and fun. Sassy and sexy no matter where she turns her compass, Auresia is a singer you've got to pay attention too, she's the real deal. Well done.

RUDOLF BUCHBINDER/Schubert: He's got too many lines in his face to call him the new guy but unless you are a real classical fan, his is a name that is probably new on your radar. The newest in a succession of master pianists, his take on Schubert's late period solo piano works is just breath taking. Featuring four impromptus and a sonata, it's easy to say there's not a wasted note in the bunch. Already featured in concert with all the major American symphonies, it's time for his legend to spread beyond the walled garden. With this, his second for Sony, the player that prefers to make live recordings because you don't have that second chance for studio shine shows that players of his caliber just don't have to worry about falling when doing a high wire act. He's simply one of the greats for the ages, particularly as evidenced here. Check it out.

PAUL HOOPER/Tense & Uncomfortable: Hooper breaks new ground in his stand up schtick, he positions himself as a loony off his meds. Rolling along like an angry runaway train, this is probably what a pissed off Don Rickles would sound like in today's world without making kissy face at the end of the set. In these times, pissed off humor is more welcome than ever--if you aren't afraid of edgy and are pissed off, you'll wonder why other people say this pushes the envelope. This s a great, fearless, laugh riot that could show any nascent Andrew "Dice" Clays in the making how to be sustainingly outrageous without wearing out your welcome. Killer stuff throughout.

JAMIE KILSTEIN/What Alive People Do: Following in the footsteps of Marc Maron on the dual path of being a thinking man's comic and podcaster pioneer, Kilstein riffs fast and hard taking on the usual suspect enemies of the people but taking it to the next level of the game in the process. Unleashing a double album of material that finds him being the test tube spawn of George Carlin and Bill Hicks, you can set your ears accordingly knowing that in advance. It's a double album, double the bytes, double the fun! Almost taking stand up to a parallel universe, anyone who's ever read a real book and cares about social issues will have their world rocked by the fusillade that's flying here. You can almost draw a line from Dick Gregory to Kilstein without any dots---and that's really a comment on the times he's talking about (and we‘re living in).

DAVE MORDAL/pronounced dav mor-dal: A TV regular on the off beat end of the dial, Mordal seems like a traditional stand up, hitting traditional subjects, but with the kind of skewed eyeball that pomo times seem to conjure without trying. Not bitter, but living in a world that doesn't spin right, Mordal has been around the block enough to know how to push the right buttons to make the laughs flow easily from people that probably feel like he's speaking for them. This is a fine slice of nu humor that really works.

Volume 37/Number 334
October 1, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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