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CUT-INS VOL. 1/various: Before there were mash ups, before there was sampling, there existed a comedy genre alternately called cut-ins or flaying saucers. The basic format was a narrator asking set up questions with the punch line being a bite off a popular record of the day answering the question. If this doesn't float your boat, you're obviously not a comedy fan of a certain age that knows who Dickie Goodman is. Once upon a time, people couldn't get enough of this/these. The time line is evidenced by Watergate related stuff being the most current bits on here. Hell, even Morty Craft turns up here (betcha Joan Jett can tell you who he is). You really have to be a certain age to know who he is. The cover says 90% of this has never been on cd before and that shows how time rode past this kind of humor-- but that doesn't mean you won't think it's funny if Watergate still gets you angry. Humor fans of a certain age, take it all back and laugh with abandon at what was once so hip.

THAT CALIFORNIA SOUND (The Risers, The Weird-ohs, The Surf Nuts): If this stuff didn't escape from the Capitol vaults, it had to have been resting near by. Back in the 60s, when Capitol was hitting it with Beach Boys, they also issued a raft of knock off related stuff that celebrated cars, beaches, babes and all the stuff what was essential to pre-hippie 60s days. Gary Usher and Roger Christian were lurking around the edges of most of these things. While this collection misses the Ed Roth stuff, the stuff it does contain is right on Beach Boy knock off stuff by Beach Boy associates. Capitol might have treated it as second tier space fillers to keep other label's products off the shelf, but it isn't second rate stuff, it's the kind of stuff that cult collectors charge mighty prices to let it change hands. Let your hair down and dig a little below the surface for some guilty please beach music that you'll be glad you finally tripped across.

DOSH/Milk Money: A white boy version of a dj/mixer, Dosh has been in the background of a lot of cult hero stuff in recent years bringing his arrangements and collaborations to left leaning ears where ever they might be. Pals with Wilco, Andrew Bird and Bonnie Prince Billy to name a few, this later day Eno does his version of keeping it real by using analog technology and dated electronics. This is a solid dose of ambient music for your next date with Molly.

MIRIO COSOTTINI-TONINO MIANO/The Inner Life of Residue: Some improv music makes you say ‘yeah, yeah, yeah' and some improv music makes you say ‘YEAH!'. This set falls in the latter camp. A face off between piano and trumpet, this duo is one of those pairs that makes it all sound so simple that any one can do it. Then many try and fail. Some have the special sauce and some don't. Certainly a well rounded dose of sitting down jazz, you don't have to be an egghead or arts council hanger on to dig it. Almost like performance art without the pretension, this has that special something that you want to hear when you just want to be entranced by some well played music.

CYRIL NEVILLE/Magic Honey: Following his brother's recent dumpster funk with his own dose of swamp funk, this Nawlins staple serves up a wily gumbo of his own recipe in which everything from funk to blues is tossed in the pot, stirred briskly and served up hot for people bitching about how all the new music sucks. With a guest list as hot as the tunes, this'll take you back to the day when college radio wasn't just another blatant marketing tool. Hearty and heartfelt throughout, Neville sets a great table and knows how to throw a musical party fit for a king. Killer stuff that'll really get your blood flowing.

SAMANTHA FISH/Black Wind Howlin': Oh sure, everybody pussyfoots around Fish that she's talented and all that but they seem to neglect that she's a hot babe with an attitude that almost puts her closer to The Great Kat than Bonnie Raitt. Road hardened and road tested quickly at a young age, Fish is a hard hitting guitar slinger with a take no prisoners attitude that can kick as high as she can kick hard. If you take Muddy Waters industrial blues to Mars, you just start to get an idea of the hard attack Fish brings to hard edged contemporary blues. Coming across as a real handful, this is our kind of belting blues babe whose fearlessness is a real aphrodisiac. Killer stuff throughout.

DAVID BUCHBINDER & ODESSA/HAVANA/Walk to the Sea: Yow. Ok world beaters, fasten your seat belts, Buchbinder and Hilario Duran find that sweet spot where Cuban jazz and klezmer music intersect and turn into a real mind melter. Utterly wild stuff that smashes expectations and genres as it delights in a most high octane way. Everything a music fan as opposed to a music consumer could want, this set takes armchair traveling to new heights. You have to check this out if you have at least one adventurous bone clanging around in your ear canal. Hot stuff throughout.

GRAHAM NASH/Wild Tales-A Rock & Roll Life (unabridged, read by the author): Sir Nash serves up an audio that runs over 12 hours but he knows what we crack open the shrink wrap for. Rather that start the tale with an upstairs room in Blackpool, by the side of the Northern Sea, he kicks it off with throwing over his whole life to take up in America with Joni Mitchell. And the fun begins as he meets up with Stills and Crosby in her living room. This is the contemporary rock tome that was waiting to be written and this Brit has the pulse of what the last 40 years in American music at the heights was about. With a life well lived in tow, Nash is a grand story teller, even if it's really an autobiography, and really makes you feel like your are/were there. As personable as you imagined him over the years, he covers the high, lows and in betweens, warts and all. Clearly, this (audio)book is the one that's really and finally the one for the books. The last 50 years are neatly summed up in 10 discs and it's all quite wonderful.

JERRY CAPECI & TOM ROBBINS/Mob Boss: No disrespect to Capeci's old writing partner, Gene Mustain, but this pairing and this subject matter all add up to the Super Bowl of New York crime writing. While Nick Pileggi might have better movie deals, Capeci writes about those at the top of the food chain with more detail and insight than anybody else out there. While there's a lot of wise guys who have died and are credited with bringing down the mob in recent years, this is first time a book about a boss that flipped and is still alive has come out. No matter which side of the fence you like to root for, this is must reading for any true crime fan. Written with unprecedented co-operation by the subject, this is as inside the New York mob as you can get without being made yourself. Utterly readable and impossible to put down, this is actually too juicy to be put through the Hollywood meat grinder, especially the way they cut the heart out of everything these days. This is a blockbuster classic that can stand shoulder to shoulder with any of the genre best.

Volume 37/Number 319
September 16, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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