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LO FINE/Want is a Great Need: Funny how Will Oldham, Howe Gelb and others from that line are now being looked at as old timers influencing the younger generation. Meditative shoe gaze with folkie under tones fills the palette here. A good bet for those that like their down stuff with a literate patina.

CUSCINO/Eternaity: A cat that's been doing soundtracks for festival type pics for over two decades finally steps out with his own debut set. Sticking to his knitting, the tracks here are the kind of stuff you'd expect to hear at a David Lynch retrospective. Atmospheric, highly left of center stuff that does have song smarts rather than merely good intentions, it's only a matter of time before all the dues paying gets him known outside the realm.

FIGHTS/Music for Villains: Apparently, in Louisiana what they call art rock the rest of us call power pop with modern rock overtones. Powerful, youthful energy directed at something other than shoe gazing, this crew shows their peers what it is to be slightly different but still be looking for an outlet for raging hormones. Mashing in some world beat undertones while other influences are sucked into the genre blender's undertow as well, this is almost a beginners guide to adventurous, boundary less pop music. Wild stuff that nicely opens young ears to possibilities beyond Pop McNuggets.

THE CHILLS/Somewhere Beautiful: Vet New Zealand sonic down mouthers are back with a set that was recorded new year's eve at a private party in their neck of the woods. Clear cut malcontent music that survives the fate of nostalgic post punk looking silly, mainstay/ring leader Martin Phillipps finds that angry old man spot that Elvis Costello keeps trying to find. Intense stuff that cults love to love as a badge of hipness.

JOSEPHINE FOSTER/I'm a Dreamer: Sounding like the daughter Tiny Tim and Etta Baker would have had, Foster brings a pomo take to organic, old time folk music for a lo fi extravaganza for the staunchest of malcontents. Almost loony enough to fit in with anything you could find from Holy Modal Rounders and their pals. Is a duet with Michael Hurley next in the works?

MATHEW SAWYER/Sleep Dreamt a Brother: And if you want to be depressed by something nutty that uses the first Velvet Underground album as a jumping off point before heading off to the medieval insane asylum, this must be the place. Typical college kids will use this to clear the room to let the other kids know the party is over, but those on the fringe beyond Goth where things like this are taken seriously will take it very seriously. Don't expect this to be playing in the background when you're partying with the football team.

BARDO POND/Peace on Venus: Pomo psychedelic rockers strip acid rock to it's acid basics as they deliver the total destruction to your mind. Everything the punks hated about dinosaurs and more is heavily on display here as crunch and sludge mix together in a swirl designed to melt your membrane.

GLOOM BALLOON/You Make Me Feel Like a Natural Disaster: Wondering what to play at the rave after party? How about this mash up of hip hop, acid jazz, and white boy no wave that will keep your swirling head swirling? Wild stuff that sounds like a subway ride through some fantastical underground that grown ups might mistake for a highway to hell but those in the know will smirk and differ. Blessedly, faux hipsters won't get it, leaving it to be enjoyed by bleeding edge tastes that know the score.

CALHOUN/Paperweights: From the 80s their sound came and took root in a bunch of TV shows that wouldn't normally give a micro indie band a shot. Fusing new romantic and new wave with radio friendly over tones, this crew is commercially anti-commercial. In an era when ad jingles are the new top 40....

Volume 37/Number 316
September 13 , 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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