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BEACH BOYS/Made in California 1962-2012: Well fans, this is it, 6 cds of going behind the scenes with the Beach Boys for 50 years. With loads of unreleased stuff, rehearsal tapes, live stuff and all the stuff that the uber geek would gladly fork out over $100 for. On top of all this, there's a fat book with all the kinds of special uber geek stuff that almost makes you feel like one of the Beach Boys. Packaged like a high school year book, that annual gateway to the endless summer, this set leaves the hits and studio polish in the dust. If you don't wear striped shirts because you like the Kingston Trio, why don't you be good to yourself and put this on your Christmas list for yourself. Possibly, this is the last word on these legends.

TOM McDERMOTT/Bamboula: He's one of Nawlins best loved pianists, even if he's from St. Louis, and he plays himself on "Treme". After a long stint as a Duke of Dixieland, McDermott compiled the kind of resume outsider music fans love to celebrate. And the cherry on this sundae is that this greatest hits set pulled from his last four albums was cherry picked by Van Dyke Parks. Even though you can feel McDermott's love for James Booker, Professor Longhair and all the rest, Parks makes this seem like the record he might have made after "Discover America". There's nothing calypso about it but the vibe is just so similar, loaded with winking whimsy and sounding like the soundtrack to a Disney pic where all the characters are loaded on coke and champagne (cribbed from an Amazon user generated review of "Discover America") that you just know these two were kindred spirits waiting to crash into each other. It's a gasser that creates it's own genre of outsider Nawlins music. Some of our younger readers might not know a time when creativity and individuality were really prized. This is a glorious throwback to those times. Check it out.

ANTONIO POMPA-BALDI/The Rascal & the Sparrow: In which imaginational mash up fever hit's the classical world where this pianist posits what would have happened if Edith Piaf and Francis Poulenc had met up. Hey, they both died 50 years ago and, well, and... Of course, this theory is tested with delightfully played solo piano that takes you to the lighter side of classical piano by way of rearranging signature songs from both into a "what if" fantasy of sound. Very much French sounding romantic music throughout, this Italian, former tyro brings the passion he's had for the keys all his life warmly front and center for this debut that's one for the books. Well done.

DAVE RILEY & BOB CORRITORE/Hush Your Fuss: Riley can go from making you wish you were old enough to have seen Mississippi John Hurt to a moaner/shouter that delivers the blues from that place in the soul where only alcohol can ease the pain. This isn't roots, this is indigenous American music from the juke joints, cotton fields and rice farms where you had to holler the pain out of your psyche to make it through the night to deal with all on another day of more of the same. This isn't musical comfort food, this is a musical down home feast where you get to eat all the stuff the doctors and your girl friends tell you not to. Simply killer house rocking, jumping juke joint goodness that pitches a wang dang doodle all night long! Check it out.

JENN RAWLING & BASHO PARKS/Tarantula Arms: As a music geek, don't you just love it when a group who makes an auspicious debut comes back with a second album that's even better? You could cite a bunch of influences that pre-date this duo's birth dates but the real vibe behind this is Gary P. Nunn's "What I Like About Texas" where he admires the spirit of the people that live this land. The biggest inspiration here is the duo's travels and meetings with people that are tenacious. Hard core folkies that seem uncorrupted and uncorruptable, their sound is golden and this set just plain hits it out of the park. This almost has all the energy needed to single handedly launch a nu folk music revival. A winner throughout.

HIDDEN IN THE WOODS: An American version of this festival winning, South American horror film is currently in the works but if it turns out to be a queef, you can bet Quentin Tarantino will be waiting in the wings to grab the rights. Think "Texas Chainsaw Massacre' with drug dealers. This is the classic family film for the dysfunctional family complete with sexual violence, extreme violence, cannibalism and enough blood and chop socky to keep 1990's drive in Joe Bob Briggs happy. If this pic doesn't inspire nightmares in you, you have been sneaking extra doses of your meds. Riveting and disturbing, this pic might is one of the classic mind fucks of all time.

Volume 37/Number 304
September 1 , 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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