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KAZE/Tornado: In which we find Satoko Fujii working it out under her quartet guise with wild improv from her and her cohorts giving you a glimpse of what would have happened if Carla Bley had teamed up with Lou Reed for "Metal Machine Music". Not for the faint of heart or anyone who likes linearity in their music, suburban kids ought to think about this if they really want to give their parents a taste of headache music.

JASON DANIELS/Dashboard Visions and Headlight Reflections: If it wasn't for his linage, his pals and his geographic travels, we'd be saying this with tongue in cheek, but we aren't. And what we are saying is this is the best Van Morrison record since the ones Van did in the early 70s. With Jackson, Nashville and Napa Valley in his blood, a love of blue eyed soul and the rest of the early Morrison moves in tow, this is a driving set that delivers the classic rock stuff so many are looking for but few find. Killer stuff that delightfully opens your jaded ears.

SATOKO FUJII/Gen Himmel: Still a long way from casting herself as Bill Evans, Fujii steps out with her first solo piano record in ten years and only her third solo album over all. A free jazzer to the core, she's tripping down the steps to the church basement here serving up as much white space as she is notes. Art jazz lovers, you know who you are and who know what you like.

NATSUKI TAMURA/Dragon Nat: The trumpeter's third solo album in his career finds him and his trumpet sounding like something you might here coming out of one of the study rooms at the local university music lab late at night when some is on his Sonny Rollins under the bridge phase. It doesn't get any artsier/church basement than this.

LEGENDARY PINK DOTS/The Gethsemane Option: If this wasn't the Dots, the cover might make you think this is girl friend music for your Goth leaning leading lady, but this is the Dots and no matter how you slice it, they give you a giddy tour through sonic hell once again, keeping things on the tip of what's happening. It might be girl friend music if she's into human sacrifices, but we'll leave you at that gate to figure things out for your self.

EKLIPSE/Electric Air: I miss Bond, Rasputina and Darling Violetta. Eklipse capture the best of all of them, drops the dross and adds their own spin in the end. With a fashion sense 180 degrees away from Bond's, these four Goth lasses do semi classical interpretations of the recent vintage down mouth rock from alt to shoe gaze to dour pop and give it all their own stamp. Without Mike Batt's over seeing this outing like he did for Bond, the feeling is more organic than contrived and the relentless upbeat attack that was Bond isn't really missed. A great left of center recording throughout.

HEY HELLO: The mushrooms with the goofy grins on the cover don't even begin to convey what's inside where crunchy guitars meets psych pop meet wild attitudes meet skewed sunshine pop meet power pop meet...... It's a contemporary malcontent's mash up delight. Totally crazy stuff that somehow feels like what Iggy would be doing if he were a kid today.

NASHAZ: With the current reissues a foot of jazz meets Arab music in the 60s, how timely it is that a bunch of young bloods has discovered the same route now. Sounding like hash house belly dance music from the souks, this isn't as strange as the stuff from the 60s that no one what to do with except smoke hash to, this is some wild, engaging stuff that simply clicks. Certainly a must for ears looking to color outside the lines, set your magic carpets for take off.

Volume 37/Number 285
August 13 , 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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