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FRED FRIED & CORE/Core Bacharach: An often overlooked fact is that the tunes of Bacharach really are just right for interpretation by some Wes inspired lite jazz guitar, particularly when the player has a real affinity for the repertoire. You know these songs in your sleep but that doesn't mean this new interpretation doesn't deserve some proper attention. Well done.

JC CROSSFIRE/When it Comes to the Blues: An older Florida white boy with a taste for the blues knows his way around how to jam it for a club. This is a cat that's spend his fair share of time in the roadhouse when he should have been cramming for accounting finals. You decide if he did the right thing.

IMER SANTIAGO/Hidden Journey: And the jazz scene in Nashville expands now to encompass Latin jazz with Santiago doing a fine job of leading the way. A bright sounding trumpeter, Santiago and crew bop, hop and bounce with the best of them offering a sound distanced from New York or LA but loaded with fuego none the less. A smoking debut that'll score big points with blowing fans everywhere. Hot.

TOM GOEHRING/A Reflected Journey: A hard working New Yorker that shows up in various guises around town, all to good effect, steps to the spotlight for a little taste of his own modern trumpet jazz. Leaning heavily toward sitting down jazz, this is a nice program of listening music, well played, that always hit's the right notes. Nicely crafted throughout.

CHARLES EVANS/Subliminal Leaps: You really have to be a jazzbo to get down with this. Evans wrote this especially for Dave Liebman and Lieb is pleased. Taking a highway ride straight into art jazz country, this is the place where the real jazzbo sends those in their Elvis Costello hats on their way. While Lieb is one of the masters, but not for everybody, this set follows the trails Lieb has blazed away from the mainstream into realms the NEA can love. The two sax man face off here and it gets hard to tell the teacher from the student. Wild.

PERELMAN MORRIS PANDI/One: Ivo Perelman leads the sax skronk here with a new set that could have come from the church basement 50 years ago. Free jazz don't come any freer than this and still qualify as music.

PETER COOPER/Opening Day: It's been a long tie since BMI was running around Nashville handing out million dollar advances to writers but that doesn't mean there isn't a new crop of guys deserving those checks turning up in Nashville. Cooper continues to sharpen his pencil on his sixth outing and he writes with the kind of clarity that keeps your ears coming back for more. More contemporary singer/songwriter than crying in his beer, that doesn't mean the sound, fury and vibe aren't right on the money. Old Nashville even drops by in the form of Lloyd Green. It's all on board here. Anyone looking for some singer/songwriter stuff that really hit's the money has a winner here.

SHOSHANA BUSH/Live at the Catalina Club: A breathy jazz vocalist that likes working it out in the tradition serves up a tasty dish that tastes good. With the classic club sound in tow, finger popping daddies will groove to the pure hearted lounge lizard sound that really cooks here. Check it out.

Volume 37/Number 284
August 12 , 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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