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JOHN GINTY/Bad News Travels: If you were a nobody, do you think Clapton's producer would have hopped into the booth for you? And the Dixie Chicks show up. And he's played with Jewel, Bad Religion and Santana. He's got the B3 sound for the future, having given it some space testing on behalf of the Allmans. He's been everywhere man and this set lets it all hang out. Greasy, gritty and everything you want in a big, bold B3 date, there's more than your ears can handle here. Killer stuff.

LYN STANLEY/Lost in Romance: With a bunch of first class jazzbos on board and a look and sound that would make this set right at home with the thrushes the Japanese keep mining out of the 50s for recent reissues, Stanley comes across as a dame and a stand up broad throughout. Sophisticated and cabaret flavored, this is a new, state of the art jazz vocal set that gets it right from the git go. And mixing Cole Porter with Willie Dixon? I don't think that's been done before. A clear winner for jazz vocal fans that want to hear something new just like they did it back them. Hot stuff.

MARNIX BUSSTRA/Sync Dreams: After having been introduced to us under Mike Maineri's penumbra, the Dutch guitarist rounds up some of his landsmen and sets sail to show off what he can do on his own. With an easy rolling style that isn't quite smooth jazz and doesn't go overboard on the angularity that comes with a lot of Euro jazz, Busstra simply shows up with a load of killer instrumental music that falls under the jazz spell. Avoiding reliance on memes and iconography, while you might hear echoes of someone or another here and there, this set and sound stands quite well on it's own. Tasty new sounds that are welcome throughout.

GINA KRONSTADT/Come Over: This record by this basically unknown sounds so polished because she's one of those LA musical denizens that you've certainly heard but never heard of. Rounding up some highly cool jazzbo pals (uh, Chris McBride, Luis Conte, Bob Sheppard...) to come along and kick it out, this is way more than a busman's holiday or something for cool musos to do as an alternative to a jive 4th of July. Smoking, high energy stuff that flies in at you from purely it's own state and plants it's flag firmly. And it's got that special kind of cool running throughout. You don't have to be a hipster to eat this with a spoon. Check it out.

JAMIE MICHAELS/Unknown Blessings: A Kerrville mainstay serves up a set of works by other Kerrville mainstays with the goal of raising money to inspire youngsters to follow the path. Folkie vocals with some lite jazz hipster backing ties this collection together nicely. For any old timers with fond memories of places with names like Kerrville or Winfield are sure to enjoy the flashback this delivers. You can bet folkies are going to have a wonderful surprise here, especially with the way it hit's the target each time out.

BLAIR CRIMMINS & the HOOKERS/Sing a Long: A young blood with an absolute flair for hokum? Here it is. With a musical vocabulary that knows how to speak Raymond Scott as well as it does the Louies of the 30s, if these tracks were originals you'd be sure you'd remember them from old cartoons. Much more song and dance man than Tom Waits junkie beatnik, Crimmins is a gasser. Wildly fun stuff any cake walking, jive taking daddio and his main momma will love. Hell, who knows when you'd need a perfect record for a rent party. Check it out.

FRED HERSCH & JULIAN LAGE/Free Flying: What can I say? If you need an introduction to the two fine players making up this piano/guitar duet, you're just too far behind the curve to be helped. A lot of the program here is familiar territory to Hersch who has recorded much of this before, but Lage jumps right in, there to deliver the goods in fine fashion. A listening date throughout, these two jazzbos know how to light the fuse and watch the fire. Hot stuff by pros in tune to the same vibe.

SHRUNKEN HEAD SHOP/Live in Germany: Willie Oteri on guitar, Dave Laczko on trumpet, a bunch of Euro jazz rockers and some Teo Macero style editing on live improv tracks, and you get Miles boning up on his Actuel/BYG releases while heading over to meet Betty Davis at the malt shop. Wild stuff for anyone that still wants to meet Miles on the corner.

Volume 37/Number 282
August 10 , 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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