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AGACHIKO/Yes: Very much an international, world wise woman, this get around gal recalls more Abbey Lincoln than Nina Simone, but all in all, she knows how to take it back to the true vine. Impassioned jazz vocal with some heavy overtones is what's on tap here. Bringing emotion to every syllable without imbuing it with over kill, Agachiko lays claim to waiting her time until she could properly grow into these songs. Her instincts were/are right on the money. More than an evocative thrush, this is a jazz vocalist that knows how to go deep. Check it out.

LITTLE G WEEVIL/Moving: ‘Coming Up Fast on the Inside' would have been a more appropriate title for this set. After two ferocious sets that show G is the blues, he comes in with his first all acoustic set that finds him recalling the foot banging percussion of John Lee Hooker, the directness of Mississippi John Hurt and the string bending, slide acumen of so many greats. All this and he's a white boy from Hungary. And Dan Aykroyd is blown away by him. Any lover of the canonized, traditional old time blues cats will go nuts for this set. It's loaded with so much heart and heat that you can't help but stuff the ballot boxes for any blues awards he might be up for. Killer stuff.

JT LAURITSEN/Play by the Rules: A 20 year vet of Norway's blues scene comes to Memphis to record half his new record with the gang at Ardent and winds up sounding like Van Morrison taking it to church 40 years ago, without the Celtic accent. He's playing by the rules and not really coloring outside the lines. By showing proper respect for tradition, he hits it out of the park. Loaded with originals that sound like classics you might think were from before your time, the blues are just an international language that anyone can feel whether jumping or jumping in the river and drowning. It's the kind of fun stuff you get when foreigners sell us back our own stuff and they try hard to make it right.

10FT GANJA PLANT/Skycatcher: It's so tempting to load a review of this crew with all kinds of reefer references, but it really is enough to say this new set is a truly potent blend from the greatest active roots rocking skanking crew that knows how to deliver much more than just a puff of smoke. Perhaps their mightiest set yet, these lovers of 70s dub keep the vibe alive---and smoking. A great set to get flat with when everything is eire, the is most righteous dubaliciousness at it's best. Killer stuff throughout.

JEFF JENSEN/Road Worn & Ragged: Recorded at Ardent with Victor Wainwright bringing his BMA award with and Billy Wirtz grabbing a co-write, this high octane white blues boy spent one too many nights at the roadhouse at the edge of town to get it out of his blood now. Short on gimmicks, long on bad ass, Jensen is a lot bluer than his white bread name would have you believe. You could cook s'mores just off the heat this disc throws off your cd player. It's the kind of set that brings newbies into the tent to stick around. Hot.

PATRICK CORNELIUS/Infinite Blue: This sax man plays post bop just the way hipsters like it. Changing things up for a fourth time on his fourth outing, this is smoky jazz for a non-smoking environment. Wild stuff that doesn't veer too far outside the lines, it's simply a cooking date that you don't need an Elvis Costello hat to appreciate. So cool it's hot stuff throughout. Check it out.

ROBERT WILLIAMS MR. BITCHIN': It's nice to be recognized before you're dead. Although a staple of various art scenes for years, Williams wasn't legitimized by the art world until recently and this documentary rides in that back draft. Screw the art world. Recognized by Big Daddy Roth, Axl Rose and many others before his canonization, the outré artist that loves the low brow was already loaded with admirers who counted. A running mate of R. Crumb, Williams had a heavily defining touch in the underground world and created looks that changed the look of things. This awarding winning docu is must screening for anyone who has loved his work and wants to get to know the man behind the pen better. Thought provoking and enriching at a time when we need something to open our eyes to other than what's being foisted at us all day. Well done.

Volume 37/Number 269
July 28 , 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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