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MARK DRESSER QUINTET/Nourishments: The hell raising bass player is back with a set where the pastoral cover pic has nothing to do with the bytes that lie underneath. From the church basement and beyond, free jazz takes flight in the hands of this crew. While doesn't roll off the rails, it does seem to forget to come back to where it started from leaving this an open ended flight of fancy. A sure bet for ears in search of new sounds.

CRAIG HARTLEY/Books on Tape V. 1: This jazz piano man waited until he was 31 to unleash a record like this? Whew. How is he going to top himself? A swinger with a bigger storehouse of energy than a gas refinery, Hartley is in the tradition all the way but he's also his own man all the way. An utterly killer piano trio date that should be in as many cardio emergency rooms as defibrillators, you are going to be wondering when this bad cat has been all your life. Chalk this up as one of the great debuts of all time

GOOD INTENTIONS/Traveling Companion: The British band that won the British Country Music Award for best Americana band is back with a stone, cold killer. Easily classified as a folk record, this three piece crew kicks it off old timey with some A.P. Carter, but that just sets the tone for the originals to follow. Simply beautiful throughout, this is the gorgeous kind of album any folkie ears long for. The crew has it down so right and tight they better stick around for more. A winner.

ALBARE/Road Ahead: He had to go to Australia to find his métier where primitive guitar meets space and brings it all back home through progressive jazz. A prolific player that shows he doesn't have to be way out there to make his point and have himself he heard, it really is like Wes Montgomery riding the space shuttle that'll take us to Mars.
The mash up works and the groove is infectious. Smart stuff that demands to be heard by jazz guitar fans like it to the left of down the middle.

JACOB BAIN & PUBLISH THE QUEST/Then What!?: Sort of a later day, multi culti follow up to Les McCann's "Compared to What?", this world beat political diatribe brings in everyone from Kuti to Matt Chamberlain to Radioactive for a super mosh of salsa, hip hop, reggae, Arfopop and everything else but Guy Lombardo. High octane stuff that has appropriately sprung from the old hippie enclave of Vachon Island outside Seattle, this is what happens when you realize grunge is kid stuff. This sounds like the soundtrack for Occupy Your Head. Utterly wild and world wise.

DELBERT & GLEN/Blind, Crippled & Crazy: Like the long over due Flatlanders reunion, Delbert & Glen was a band just too far ahead of the market as the subsequent long legs to McClinton's back 40 career attest. Bringing it in to the present co-writing and co-producing with Gary Nicholson, this original duo still knows how to tear up a honky tonk 40 years later. A victim of life's circumstances, my eye. This is wonderful, rousing roadhouse stomper that keeps the party going all night long. Hot stuff throughout.

SNARKY DAVE & THE PRICKLY BLUESMEN/Big Snark: Ok, so the kid in the last row of the classroom that loved to fire off the barbed bon mots grew up to be a disillusioned malcontent, and after losing his job, he decided his garage band should no longer be a hobby. That's what's on tap here. This ain't one for the charts but it is one for the headphones as this grown up bitches about the economy, bitches, stupidity and more. It's hard to explain this one to your friends but once they hear it, they'll understand. It's about time someone made some tub thumping music for grown ups again. Wonderfully crazy stuff throughout.

JOHN ESCREET/Sabotage & Celebration: When you get Chris Potter, David Binney and Matt Brewer together, sparks are going to fly. What happens when you get them backing up John Escreet when he's basically in an improv mood having written most of the music a week before the session at most and in response to the miasma going through the air with everything from the weather to the elections? This happens. More a neo-classical work worthy of Mussorgsky than jazz worthy of Monk, this set takes you around the block more than once. Clearly in the Bernstein jazz tradition, it's angular and swinging at the same time, sure to keep you guessing as you savor the whole. Wild stuff throughout that keeps Escreet at the top of his game.

Volume 37/Number 268
July 27 , 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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