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DANA MARCINE/So Unexpected: A theater actress finding she has an aptitude for jazz singing isn't exactly news, and we don't know her from before so we don't know how unexpected this set is, but it is a winner. A real jazzbo vocalist surrounded by jazzbo players that know the drill and know the ropes, Marcine serves up that kind of swinging vocal date that gets the blood flowing even if you're an old timer with blockages. With sassy, swinging energy powering the proceedings throughout, this is a fun time of a jazz party record that just doesn't know how to quit.

GRAND MARQUIS/Blues and Trouble: Psychedelic prohibition blues and jazz? Yep. And it's as wild as it sounds like. Blossoming in Kansas City during the swing revival of the late 90s, this crew sounds like a Nawlins funeral march on steroids. If you're open to things that swing outside the lines, this is just for you. Hot, wild and so hooky you'll lose tracks of what's digging into you where, this is fun stuff that certainly finishes what Leon Redbone started. Hot stuff.

JAYME STONE/The Other Side of the Air: Now that Steve Martin has opened your ears to the possibilities of banjo beyond dingly dingly music and bluegrass, the innovators that don't have his star power but can match him for chops and desire are stepping out. Innovator Stone takes the banjo to places even Bela Fleck might have only heard in dreams. A wild, international festival of banjo that takes it through a myriad of styles and geographies, this isn't just some back porch session that'll have you tapping your toes and grinning. Heavy on jazz and world modes, this is a dandy ear opener that'll have you raving about your hot, new instrumental find. Killer stuff.

ROB MOSHER/Polebridge: The question is: how organic do you like it? This is chamber jazz inspired by a wild west town with a population of 88. It often sounds like klezmer music as played by goyim but there's some other whole lot of something else going on as well here. Mixing off beat cartoon music with off beat classical and who knows what else, this is a must for any listener than wants to sit down and be entertained with something zany but on point. Probably easy to enjoy if you are the basic dada Zappa fan, it's a wild ride that's hard to describe and hard to resist if you want some outsider music that organic but fully realized. It ain't folk, jazz or classical but a mighty fine salmagundi of all that and more. Strap yourself in and enjoy the wild ride.

TOMMY Z/Sometimes: Electric guitar shredding blues from no sooner than next year is on display here by the truckload. Anyone looking for a new guitar hero that won't let them down need look no further than this comer that won't take no for an answer. Hot, hard and heavy, this white boy has soul, pouring it into and wringing it out of his strings. Killer stuff fully plugged into the cosmic buzz.

JIMMY AMADIE TRIO/Live! at the Philadelphia Museum of Art: Possessor of one of the more heart warming comeback stories, Amadie kicks it out live for the first time in 43 years with this date he recorded after what he felt would be his ultimate session. A real swinger from the git, this smoking trio of hard core pros deliver like there's no tomorrow, and Amadie often feels like there isn't. Tasty, straight up jazz that finds the pocket early and just keeps getting deeper therein. Solid stuff that'll just take your breath away.

CLAY HARPER/Old Airport Road: The first record in over a decade from this vet Atlanta alt.rocker starts off with him saying ‘hey motherfucker' for over 2 minutes. Who wouldn't like that? Older but no less angry, this is what today's underground would sound like if today's players weren't all about the endorsements. Not exactly 80s nostalgia but anyone that still thinks alt. is current will think this is the bomb, no matter how much their hair line is receding. Wild stuff for the right ears.

ROSEANN FINO: Very quietly, Woodstock Records has become a brand any boomer can trust for music that speaks to them. Now, the label widens the lens with their first young act and continues to be a brand you can trust. While this is Fino's showcase, it's also a stealth Crowmatix record and both generations come together to create the folk/rock, singer/songwriter set that everyone from Carolyn Mas forward has been trying to make for the last 35 years while never really grabbing the brass ring. Finding that sweet spot like a heat seeking missile with a GPS, this is a welcoming set that young and old ears can enjoy equally. Hot stuff throughout.

Volume 37/Number 239
June 28, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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