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DAVID BINNEY/Lifted Land: What's the world coming to when Brooklyn cats have to get to Holland to get their stuff released? His sixth for the label, but his third of all original material, finds Binney facing off with the versatile Craig Taborn and some other cats that can keep up the pace on this ambitious set that shows what happens when you are musically adventurous and can keep your wits about you. Talented in abundance Binney has a real showstopper of a showcase of contemporary jazz on parade here.

MODERN JAZZ QUARTET/The Golden Age-Complete Atlantic Recordings 1956-60: It's so tempting to say that it doesn't come any cooler than this, but it's almost completely true anyway. Next to MJQ, cool school cats like Mulligan and the west coasters seem positively enflamed. This four cd set lays out 8 Atlantic recordings with special guests and lots of good vibes. Whether hanging with Jimmy Guiffre, an orchestra or pushing the envelop, this is cool jazz that daddios were invented for---not the other way around. Timeless great stuff that's pretty much in the moment today, going without this is to forfeit several cool points off your cred. Check it out, get in the swing--such as it is.

NICHOLAS TREMULIS ORCHESTRA/For the Baby Doll: The cover pic on this book/record isn't something that celebrates the strip bar this set is semi-homage to, it's a pic from the 50s of Simone deBeauvoir taken when she was in the slumming part of her three way in Nelson Algren's bathroom--and that's where Tremulis's first since 2008 gets it's gritty, down market edge from. The book part of this finds him in touch with his inner Leonard Cohen, the music is what alt was originally supposed to be about. The orchestra is stripped down to 5 pieces there days but the core is in tact, as well as the sound. This was made for the long time fans that have kept the fires burning and they won't be disappointed.

ANDY WADDELL/Sunset to 7: A guitar man that's been at it since he was a jazz kid turns his tyro to tower as he finally steps out on his own after backing up the serious jazzbos of our times. A very creative, wide ranging release that shows his stuff throughout as a writer/player/leader, Waddell is more than ready to get everyone to know his name. Sleek, contemporary jazz that hit's the mark hard.

TEA LEAF GREEN/In the Wake: Whether they're Umphrey's McGhee or whoever, every area has their beloved jam band, and the Bay Area is enamored with 17 year vets, Tea Leaf Green. After doing this for almost 20 decades, they know when and where to insert the rough edges as well as take them out, and this is a grand set of tunes for aging children come.

LISA LANDRY/Use This Against Me: The cat's out of the bag. Single moms are one of the guys. Recording this on the heels of a painful separation, Landry is on the funny money as a contemporary adult navigating her way through what's left of the middle class. Finding loads of laughs within a bunch of bitterness, Landry ends her stories with some of the best punch lines around. Great stuff, easy to relate to that really keeps the laughs coming. This comic is well on her way to becoming a rock star.

PHILIP BOONE/A Light and A Line: Contemporary singer songwriter that seems to find the bright spot in down mouth lyrics. For college kids that need a nascent performer to call their own as those he's following in the footsteps of slowly but surely become big brother's music.

COLD SATELLITE/Cavalcade: A folkie and a poet collaborate by not getting together and turn in their second set of rocking tunes that find a home at a folkie label. Just remember kids, there are no more rules (as if there ever were). Somehow, all your expectations in every direction are shattered and this is a sweet bar band record. Crazy but true, when it works, just deal with it.

Volume 37/Number 229
June 18, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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