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CHRIS AMEMIYA & Jazz Coalescence/In the Rain Shadow: Here's a Seattle group that has been putting in their time and the pride in their work shows. Hard boppers that can dip their toe in mainstream jazz waters and make it all sound right, this crew knows how to stir it up into a fine concoction. With a smoking bone leading the way, this set gets going in high gear and never backs down from there. With it's classic feeling, this is just what the listener looking for something meaty is looking for. Well done.

LYNN BAKER Quartet/LectroCoustic: I'm feeling that Weather Report vibe on this set of originals that like to push the envelope. Smart, crisp playing from the whole crew drives this set with a heady abandon that feels good. In the pocket throughout, this bunch of comers is marking their territory well on this second outing which plainly shows they've got the right stuff. Smoking stuff you just can't ignore.

DIEGO BARBER-HUGO CIPRES/411: Here's one the moldy figs won't be able to handle. A jazzbo guitarist gets together with an electronic dj and rounds out his sound with some first call downtown cats. You call almost hear listeners kvetching the way they did when Eric Dolphy first started being out there. Not really jazz, not really King Crimson or Kraftwerk, it's a trip into the next wave that has to be taken on it's own terms. Feeling closer to Bernie Krause without the inverted animal sounds or non hell raising early 70s Miles Davis than anything else, this is a really rewarding free form date for any listener willing to step away from the pack. Check it out.

COREY CHRISTIANSEN/Lone Prairie: A cowboy spirited album from a Wes influenced jazz guitarist? Well, he is from Utah and he didn't go down Chris Parkening's road so when genes will out, it was bound to happen. Does it feel out of character? Nah. Hell, if you didn't already know "Streets of Laredo" was a cowboy song, this would sound like some introspective meditation. A solid listening date from a cat that really knows his stuff and how to serve it up right, in any format.

WDCB LOVES CHICAGO JAZZ Volume One/various: And there must be some good reason why a Chicago radio station and Chicago jazz artists need to look to Seattle for creative/commercial outlets? Now the secret's out of the bag, Chicago just can never get it's stuff together. A fat sampler of the Chicago jazz acts the Seattle label has been putting out for the last ten years, this well tracked cross section will serve to put the rest of the world on notice that the Windy City isn't just blowing hot air. Good for the label, good or the artists, good for the town, this shows what we've got going on here today of fine a fine light.

ESTRANGERS/Season of 1000 Colors: Psych pop is back in town as this Winston-Salem crew shows the days of 80s indie pop coming from it's neighborhoods are over as this crew takes it back to 60s indie pop, back when indie was non-existent and spelled indy. Retro in many ways but still riding the bleeding edge.

SWEET TALK/Gliterbomb: Cutting edge jazz/noize that requires you bring your Elvis Costello hat if you plan to listen to it all the way through. From spaghetti westerns through loft jazz, it's all in here someplace.

ANOMONOUS: Experimental music for an experimental pic. Dark music riding a dark tip.

Volume 37/Number 200
May 20, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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