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TERRA GUITARRA/Dragonfly: Joining the lineage of Strunz & Farah, Willie & Lobo and others in that line, Terra Guitarra do a great job of delivering the neuvo flamenco is fine style. A graceful adult record, this duo isn't afraid to bring it and push the pas de deux a little harder. Chill that won't put you to sleep.

GYPSOPHILIA/Horska: If you thought Brooklyn was a hotbed these days, turn your gaze to Halifax where the close knit music scene is pushing itself to push boundaries. This high octane gypsy crew of instrumentalists plays traditional sounding mixmastered stuff that has incredible youth appeal live driving audiences nuts to what they would otherwise write off as bouzouki music. They play with pro precision that you can enjoy at any age as long as good times are on your agenda.

SATUKO FUJII NEW TRIO/Spring Storm: The jazz art chick debuts a new crew with a new sound as impressionistic sounds meet free jazz over some nicely warmed saki. The left leaning who love her know that it just makes sense to sit back and let her do her thing to see where it goes.

SATUKO FUJII MA-DO/Time Stands Still: The jazz art chick takes her final trip to the church basement with this crew as one of the key members died before this set was released. With an abandon that would make young Carla Bley blush, Fujii and crew ride this escalator way over the hill and off into never, never land.

BERNIE MORA & TANGENT/Dandelion: Picture Leonard Cohen's "I'm Your Man" band not backing up Cohen and getting to really rock out with jazz, rumba and who knows what other eclecticies in the mix. This is what they would have sounded like. Left leaning 3A jazz rock for committed adult ears looking for something beyond the pale. Pretty wild throughout.

ACE ATKINS/Robert B. Parker's Wonderland (read by Joe Mantegna): Greed and real estate swindles are noting new but here we find Atkins bringing Spenser into the thick of things as shady developers and shady politicos come together to turn the formerly dodgy waterfront into a casino wonderland while stabbing everyone that gets in their way in the back. Spenser gets on board as his old trainer and long time pal finds himself getting the moves put to him by toughs that want his waterfront gym for their own purposes. Atkins has the ending explode in a contemporary way that even Spenser didn't expect. With his new sidekick at his side, the dynamic duo bring truth, justice and the American way to the fore before it's all over. But not by much. Long time Spenser fans will applaud Atkins again.

WALTER MOSLEY/Little Green (read by Michael Boatman): Easy Rawlins might have been away from us for the last seven years, but Mosley has him back now in fighting form, just as quick on the wit as he is on the draw. The WWII vet gets pulled back into the 60s as he and his whack sidekick look for a young black man that disappeared during an acid trip. A fast moving street mystery, this reading feels much shorter than it's ten hour run time as Mosley once again shows his hand as one of the top contemporary mystery writers. Gritty, greasy and a wild ride, give Easy a warm welcome back by kicking off the summer with him in your ears.

M.E. THOMAS/Confessions of a Sociopath (read by Bernadette Sullivan): This is a non-fiction tome of a lawyer writing about herself? The jokes really write themselves these days, don't they? But seriously folks, this stuff cold be scarier than Stephen King at his height. Thomas takes us past the news headlines of obvious sociopathery and into the neighborhoods, where 4 per cent of the population is sociopath. You know how you come home from work or the supermarket muttering how they're all nuts? This book proves you're right at least 4 per cent of the time, that's 1 out of 25 people for those of you not good at math. Rather than being a pity pot bitch fest, this book takes you into the mind of a lunatic (thanks, Bushwick Bill) and shows you how to spot them, how to defend yourself against them and how to turn their own bullshit back on them (and that alone is worth the price of admission). So, if you think your boss is that one in twenty five, this book gives you the guns and ammo to prove it. Required listening.

Volume 37/Number 195
May 15, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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