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TUBBY HAYES/Complete Tempo Recordings 1955-59: Even though Hayes would be a towering figure in British jazz, his nascent sides for Tempo weren't big sellers. When Decca shuttered the label, they thought so much of the master tapes that they threw them away. This was right around the time they passed on Beatles reasoning that guitar groups were on the way out. Such destruction made these recordings even more legendary as time when on. Whether they were respected by the public in their time or not, the seeds were sown and this sax work is on a par with whatever a giant like Stan Getz was doing at the time. A six cd set that covers a load of albums and eps, many with Hayes' running mate, Ronnie Scott before he became an impresario, this is a jazzbo supreme deluxe package on a par with a Dexter Gordon box or any other some such period piece that still sounds fresh. Killer stuff from a cat who died in the 70s that you should get to know now if you don't already, this most definitely is not for hipsters only and there's nothing retro about it.

MITCH FATEL/Public Display of Perversion: Now just what kind of humor would you be expecting from a middle eastern backgrounded cat that sounds like a stoner, has staked out his turf on satellite radio and has a picture on the inside of the cd case where he's being sodomized by a sexy, lady cop? If you think a guy that aims low, you would be right. If you think a guy that aims low and hit's the target's bulls eye, you are either an existing fan or completely right on. A wild man that strikes you as to what Kramer was probably like as he wandered the streets after "Seinfeld" shut down for the night but he didn't, Fatel isn't afraid to say anything or go anyplace in the name of laugh he's prepared to reach pretty far for. This is like a white people version of the old time, black party records. Wild stuff.

NORTHERN SOUL 2011/various: If you think "Sugar Pie Honey Bunch" still sounds fresh then this set with the opening track by Edwin Starr's brother will get your boat floating in the right direction. Since we are now getting titles with names like "The Northern Soul of Miami" ultra hipster collections like this where ultimate insider Ian Levine mans the control board to create instant rarities for the most hipster of northern soul fans are most welcome. New recordings that sound like they are from back in the day by northern soul rarity acts, this stuff is nothing but gassers that you don't have to haunt Salvation Army bins for. This new annual edition, which was originally delayed, will keep the party going long into the night. Another killer set.

NORTHERN SOUL 2012/various: The new volume of neo Northern Soul from Ian Levine sounds as groovy and swinging as picks of the litters he would have found in the back of an old 45 rpm distributor in a lousy neighborhood trying to squeeze a buck out of anything. Sounding so authentic, you won't believe he's been conjuring this up after licking his wounds trying to make now now sounds that didn't pan out. This is one seriously groovy soul party that will fool even the most hard core, ardent Northern Soul fan as they try to figure out what small label, purloined acetates these are. Chalkie, get out your powder, the party has just begun and dawn is a long way off.

BOB DYLAN & THE BAND'S BASEMENT TAPES INFLUENCES/various: It's really wild how Chrome Dreams has created this sub industry of Dylan related stuff that finds the sweet spot and hits it out of the park every time. This time, the label turns their focus to the folk music that influenced "The Basement Tapes" and gives you a nice, fat serving of it from original and key artists. If "Basement Tapes" ever rung your bell, this set will take you deeper into what you've dug.

DERAILROADED: So, these two Jewish kids in Detroit in seventh grade in 1990 bond in the back of the bus on the way to Hebrew school over Geto Boys and proceed to delve into weirdness and outsider stuff that guarantees you'll never get a date with a girl with a pulse. Wildman Fischer was a manic depressive, paranoid schizophrenic that was first launched to stardom when Frank Zappa took him from the streets and put him in the rock and roll sideshow. And he faded only to be given a second bite of the apple when Will Robinson had spare time on his hands long after Dr. Smith stopped trying to nail him on Neptune and produced his next few albums, culminating with a final set that sold 2,000 copies. Then came the Ubin Twinz to give Fischer his third bite of the apple and his coda. A street singer with serious problems, when you look into Fischer's eyes after all the show biz bs is stripped away, it's horrifying to stare into the eyes of a person that knows they are trapped inside their head and can't find the way out no matter how hard they try. The grandfather/godfather of contemporary outsider music, Fischer was so out there that he makes a outsider cat like Irwin Chusid look like Dick Clark. 60 years old and with missing teeth, Fischer still harbored illusions of being a rock star long after the circus left town for him. A paragon to outsider musician fans of all generations, this is the episode of "Behind the Music" that really should have been made. This is one wild ride that shows you how none of this was a put on. Talk about thinking outside the box...whew!

STEVIE NICKS/Through the Looking Glass: Stevie Nicks, Lindsay Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac were real commercial game changers and they just don't seem to get the love other commercial game changers that came before them got. This documentary is as much the Buckingham Nicks story as it is the Stevie Nicks story as the energy from their love/hate relationship within the working confines of the band makes it all pretty inseparable. Nicks is one of the great American success stories. The Big Mac didn't even want her but were forced to take her if Buckingham was to join. Then she became the focal point. Then she became a superstar the opened everyone's minds and ears. Then she shoved it all up her nose. Even thought this is pretty much a rip and run/talking head/clip presentation, it's more journalistic and journalistically balanced that a lot of what passes for journalism. It doesn't build her up, it doesn't knock her down, it just tells the story and subsequent cautionary tale. An icon for 40 years, this provides a clear look that really brings Nicks back into focus.

JOAN BAEZ/Love is Just a Four Letter Word: Hmmm, seven back and white songs where the audio and video aren't in synch hardly add up to the ´┐Żall her classics' as billed. On the plus side, 1970 Joan Baez vamping in a short skirt lets you have a pretty good idea why her and Kris Kristofferson where nuts for each other around that time. How long will it take for this to turn up at gas stations for a buck?

Volume 37/Number 187
May 7, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
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