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BILL CUNLIFFE TRIO/River Edge, New Jersey: So what happens when three well traveled jazzbos that have been hanging out formally and informally for the last 20 years decide it's time to get together and kick out the jams? The jams get kicked out! Mixing originals and covers nicely, the jazz piano trio is right on the money throughout giving you everything you could want from a swinging trio date. Tasty throughout, this is the sound of pros doing what they do best. Check it out.

PETE HOLMES/Nice Try, the Devil: When you've got one of the greatest day jobs in the world, you can just stand up and tell jokes and stories without worrying about selling a personae. Well, here we have the E-Trade baby doing his night job, telling jokes and making you laugh. A solid stand up in the stand up tradition, Holmes hits it out of the park again with his new one hour special. Packaged here as a audio, a DVD and with extras that round out the bulk of his Comedy Central appearances, Holmes the delivers the laughs and will bring you back for more. Low key but never less than well done.

CRAIG TABORN TRIO/Chants: Where is ECM going to find the Jarrett's of tomorrow? It looks like they found one from University of Michigan by way of Mason Williams that has been hanging around the label since 1997 anyway. Writing his own challenging chamber and miniature pieces, Taborn finds a crew that sees things his way and makes the vision come alive with wide ranging sounds that take you around the world and back without a world beat bounce in the bunch. Fun stuff for left leaning jazzbos that prefer their sounds with buoyancy over seriousness, Taborn is on to something wild here that really works. Check it out.

MARKO DJORDJEVIC & SVETI/Something Beautiful: The Serbian drummer knows his way around being a leader in American contemporary jazz and serves up the left leaning, lightly progressive jazz that rides nicely out of the mainstream but never gets precious for the sake of precious. A solid swinger that kind of gleefully colors outside the lines, the classic left leaning Bluenote/Verve seeds are scattered generously around these proceedings. Heady, high octane and never riding in cruise control, this is a fine ear opener by a drummer that's going to be setting new standards in due course. Hot stuff.

LYNN JOLICOEUR/World Behind Your Eyes: A clear voiced thrush and her crew that's been tearing it up in the Boston area for the last few years sets up a program that veers from Flora Purim to Sting with a stop over at Sinatra before catching the trolley to other territories. Well sung, well played, smartly paced, the career chameleon has landed on her feet doing what she should have been doing all along and doing it in top form. A solid new find for jazz vocal fans.

DAYNA KURTZ/Secret Canon Vol. 2: And we aren't going to like a Jersey girl into Stax because...? This deep voiced blues momma doesn't need to belt with all the other tricks in her bag and she shows them to fine display on this collection tunes mostly from the mid century's various war years. Smoky, blue lights in the basement stuff, Kurtz is not an atavistic recidivist but she respects the blues/R&B tradition and makes her own mark on it leaving no room for doubt. Killer stuff that any deep blues fan will recognize is the real deal. Well done.

KING/Koncepts: Bleeding edge electro that proudly shows it's house roots but lets you figure out what else is going on and what's coming next. Vegas lounge music for those that recently became able to drink legally in public.

MORELAND & ARBUCKLE/7 Cities: The modern, industrial blues duo turns the noise down and turns it into tunes, while still with an industrial edge, adds some roots flavorings and takes blues to Mars and beyond one more time. Telling their version of Coronado's search for the city of gold, this is some whacked out stuff that goes over the top and around the bend while dangling gleefully off the hook. Worth more to any school kid than Cliff's Notes on the same subject, school would certainly be more fun if this is the way history was taught.

Volume 37/Number 186
May 6, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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