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GEOFF TATE/I Got Potential: After doing a few rounds of trial by fire in Comedy Channel's various spin cycles, the new face of slacker comedy is quickly rising. Hiding his intellect behind his chubbiness and beard, he's got a real eye for the absurdities of mainstream life. Not dour or a malcontent or even overly cynical, he's your old buddy from the back of the class that was the unintentional class clown. With the ability to turn snaky asides into fully developed story arcs, Tate does a fine job of bringing the laughs.

DYLAN BRODY/Writ Large: As he's also a playwright and a fixture on satellite radio, it's easy to segregate Brody as a thinking man's comic, but he segregates himself from the stand up pack by warning you ahead of time he's a humorist. No matter how you slice it, he's got the approval of a raft of comedy insiders that are in on the joke. Without the dryness of humorists and monologists in yuppie days past, Brody has his roots more in Nichols & May than Spaulding Gray. If you like the humor within words, Brody knows how to give them all proper voice. If you listen close, you get the feeling like he could easily be Garrison Keillor on lite recreational drugs. Funny stuff easily appreciated by dry humor fans.

KEITH LOWELL JENSEN/Elf Orgy: If you aren't familiar with this comic, get ready for a wild ride. His sound and delivery doesn't tip you off that he's got an eye and a tongue that move like swords through the dross every day life has to offer. Offbeat, crazy stuff that will keep you laughing once you get into what he's got going on, he's subversive as all hell and goes off the deep end in ways you didn't see coming or expect. Just when you think new ground can't be broken in old ground, along comes a game changer like this.

JT HABERSAAT & the Altercation Punk Comedy Tour/Hostile Corporate Takeover: The cat that opened the gateway for alt.comedy to move onto punk comedy, he's shared the stage with Henry Rollins and is the chosen support act for better punks everywhere. Here he loads the deck with several other cats that are disciples in his movement. The aggro that comes with punk rock doesn't come across in the way you find it in punk but the distaste for absurdity that derails linearity rocks the house. So, here's the proof that punk is an attitude and a state of mind more so than how pieced and tattooed one is. We were on board for alt.comedy and if this is the leading edge, we're on board for punk as well.

RAY HARRINGTON/The Worst is Over: Looking kind of like John Candy's younger cousin, Harrington has that same likeable chubbiness that hides a subversive madness that can get you laughing with the flick of an eyebrow. Coming on strong right out of the box, this is the debut set for a comic that has been making his mark in various venues that reach all corners. This stuff is a straight ahead laugh riot where blue language is just part of the flow as he's a cat that's right in the moment and makes his real mark by being a regular guy that speaks his mind. Check it out, it's a winning stand up debut.

MARC MARON/Attempting Normal: If you didn't like Richard Lewis because he was so dark and fucked up, what is the attraction to Maron? Train wreck? Nah, probably a commonality of middle age woes looking back at the first half of a life that never worked out the way it was supposed to no matter how many lies you had shoved down your throat up to that point. Maron lays it all bare, down to the raw nerves. A pretty much failed comic that opened his guts up via his pod cast, the reason why his pod cast is such a comet isn't because it was first, it's because he offers one raw nerve after another. Because you can listen to the cast on your smart phone when you want to, it feels like he's your friend and he's talking to you. That's raw nerve! With salt on it! Well, Marc, it was a life well lived because you saved a lot of the rest of us the trouble you went through. With raw nerve delivery loaded with more aggro than he uses on the cast when in rant mode, are we sure this really isn't a contemporary self help book? Getting it out has certainly helped Maron. Fuck Kerouac. Fuck Ellis. This is the bomb and it's explosive. Fire up the pod cast. Get this audio. Get the dvd of past pod casts. Get the albums. Exhale one incredible ‘god damn!"!!!!

Volume 37/Number 160
April 10, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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