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PASCAL LeBOEUF/Pascal's Triangle: A nu jazz trio that's one of the leaders of the pack for nu jazz minimalism, they serve up a platter of Sunday afternoon, library club music where toe tapping is not allowed and the ice in the plastic glasses may not be rattled while performance is under way.

LeBOEUF BROTHERS/Remixed: Twin nu jazz brothers who are also djs, it turns out they make much more compelling music when they let their freek flag fly. Nothing here is as well starched as anything on brother Pascal's solo album and it seems like their grasp of the future lies firmly in electronics. This highly left leaning date is sure to drive moldy figs from the room, and that's a good thing because this is a winning journey through the future with jazz only as the starting point in a lot of cases. Wild stuff.

AOMUSIC/Hokulea: If you move Mannheim Steamroller a little to the left, keeping the new age as a show vibe in tact, you get the idea of where and what Aomusic is up to for their fourth outing, their first under the umbrella of a foundation. PBS should be so lucky as to snag this for a premium item to huckster. With each step organically derived, you can feel the heartbeat coursing through this material. With it's wide ranging, cinematic scope, this is a musical movie for your mind that is more than happy to carry you along if you are ready to let go and go with the flow. Wild stuff that never overwhelms, you might just feel like you've taken a smartly woven, well integrated trip around the world in a balloon piloted by fairies by the time it's over. All this and it's not girl friend music. Check it out.

CSC FUNK BAND/Funkincense: The pride of Brooklyn's psych/rock/funk corner comes in with a set that could find them doubling as a college marching band on Mars. Is this what George Clinton was talking about when he was talking about one nation under a groove? Could be. Wild stuff that could be echoing down hipper college dorm hallways in no time.

ERIC BRACE & PETER COOPER/Comeback Album: These guys are smoking proof that flying under the radar isn't the left-handed compliment it was back in the days of corporate control of the music business. Now, everybody is flying under the radar, some just fly higher than others. A pair of folk/rockers-Americana singer/songwriters, this duo shows all the comers just how it's done. A snazzy set with a wild range of topics that all mange to hang together properly into a stellarly made whole. Killer stuff for lo-fi ears in search of the good stuff.

COYOTE KINGS w/MUSH/Nasty Habits & Dirt Little Secrets: Here's a blues rock show band from the Pacific northwest that seems to be serving up white boy blues hotter than should be legal. Loose rather than sloppy, this crew was made for good times that run late into the evening as they know how to keep bringing it. Solid badass stuff that hits hard and often.

SLEEPING BEE/Heyday Maker: Wildly infectious and joyful world/Celtic/NAC, this is a solid dose of Celtica played from the heart as opposed to Celtica in search of a PBS marketing hook. A pair of multi instrumentalists that met in the 70s as young, long haired hippies, there's more Jethro Tull than Renaissance Faire lurking here. Time told they went on to work with a lot of cutting edge players and that forward thinking informs a lot of the material here. If Pentangle never met up with Jacqui McShee and Bert and John kept their mouths shut, betcha this is pretty much what Pentangle might have sounded like. Lovely stuff that doesn't have to break new ground as it brings so much of it's own special sauce to the fore that the flavor can't be beat. Check it out.

FANFARA TIRANA MEETS TRANSGLOBAL UNDERGROUND/Kabatronics: Well mash up fans, you wanted something totally nuts? How about Balkan brass meeting up with a crew of genre blenders? The cutting contest of the old jazz world moves to a new playing field as well as new realm. Nutty stuff for young, multi culti ears looking for a planet from beyond our solar system to fire a doob on.

Volume 37/Number 158
April 8, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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