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THE APPLESEED CAST/Illumination Ritual: Morphing the line up and sound one more time for their eighth outing, they up the trance and Goth lite for a post rock sensibility that disaffected youth that never got their parents Steve Reich records will get--even if it doesn't give them a middle ground. Non mainstream kids, you know who you are and what you like. We give them extra credit for ripping off Atlantic's graphic look.

FIDDLEWORMS/See the Light: From Muscle Shoals it came but there's nothing Rick Hall about it. More jam band that Aretha backing band, these contemporary cats are more in line with Tom Waits' sensibilities that hush puppies and corn pone as well. A new kind of alt.sound for contemporary ears, they already make a lot of nu things sound like old hat giving them a leg up on next years ears. Wild stuff from a crew that knows what they want and how to get it.

TINSLEY ELLIS/Get It!: After rocketing out of Atlanta over a generation ago, Ellis has been around the horn and returned to his old stand, but this time with his first all instrumental album. A killer blues guitar shredder to the core, he still plays with the fire that fueled Alligator to burst him through to the masses. With smoky, snaky, southern fried blues picking throughout, this greasy goodie is just what everyone who is watching their cholesterol but misses a fat boliche every now and then needs. Killer stuff from a master that still has it all on the ball.

JUSTIN ANCHETA/Plant: Five years in the making and helped along by Kickstarter, this underground, nu jam bandster brings his skanking one world vision to the fore with a big fat crew that enjoys lending a hand here. A grass roots cat that has played with a lot of big timers, he keeps his indie edge in tact while aiming somewhere left of the bulls eye. Fun stuff for younger tastes that are stretching their wings and reaching out to sounds from beyond their suburbs and ken. Yet another torch is passing to yet another younger generation.

FETSUM/The Colors of Hope: A self described urban folk singer from Syria, his self description is almost self deception as the tags he's hung on himself are much too simplistic to tell the tale of what's going on here. A nu kind of world crooner, Fetsum is one of the those rare cats that defies category and just blows you away. Drawing on a wide swatch of what's come before to craft a dense, sonic stew, there's so much going on here you can't catch it all in just a few listening. The most mighty world cat to come along since Bob Marley, that's his category. Check it out.

STAN KILLIAN/Evoke: A tenor sax man that is impressing far and wide by being able to hold his own with Roy Hargrove, for his second album, he takes progressive jazz down a notch and makes it accessible for everyone that ever wanted to get into it but found it too dense and off putting. With a well oiled machine behind him, he leads the crew through an urban, jazz sonic pastiche that is almost in the several generations removed spirit of "Take the A Train". Wonderfully creative stuff from a new cat with a vision and a voice that do a great job of cutting through the clutter in demanding to be heard. Check it out.

TIM & ADAM: Indie pop for now kids that want something spacey whose parents won't let them out all night for a rave. Genre splicing indie pop/ pysch rock and experimental electronica, it's the kind of mash up disaffected kids who haven't gone too far around the bend will find the perfect fuel for middle class rebellion.

JASON ELMORE & HOODOO WITCH/Tell You What: Maybe I'm being overly sensitive, but I can hear the moldy figs and purists dissing this record because it's by a white guy having fun whose riffs are inspired by the classic Texas guitar twisters as much as it is ZZ Top, who if I'm not mistaken, have been mixing it up for over 40 year already which qualifies them for having a few miles under their belts. With just the kind of spunk and fire that's needed to keep the blues alive, Elmore opens up with some primal riffs that anyone who likes blues, wants to have fun and is under 40 will start playing air guitar with. The kind of stuff that keeps clubs rocking all night, this is solid white boy, electric blues rock that delivers and speaks to contemporary ears. Well done.

Volume 37/Number 134
March 15, 2013
830 W. Route 22 #144
Lake Zurich, IL., 60047
CHRIS SPECTOR, Editor and Publisher
Copyright 2013 Midwest Record

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